Erika Jayne Uses Her Manager To Attack Denver Interviewer “You’re Retarded” — Listen HERE!

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All About the Tea_Erika Girardi flips on Denever interviewer

Erika “Pat the Puss” Jayne was in Denver last weekend, but may never go back, after a local interview went terribly wrong. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared at gay nightclub, Tracks, last Saturday night — hopefully showering her fans with more love than she offered local radio listeners.   

Listen to Erika‘s interview below.

Last Friday, Erika Jayne gave an interview with Denver radio station, Alice 105.9, to promote a next-night appearance at the Denver club. Morning hosts, Jamie White and BJ Harris gave the reality star a warm welcome — but Erika just wasn’t feeling it. Jamie and BJ promoted her upcoming show, then asked an obviously unenthusiastic Erika, if she felt tired. Erika denied fatigue, but with no explanation for her passionless vibe, Jamie expressed disappointment in Erika’s radio persona not matching the Erika Jayne hype. Jamie shared that she is a fan of Housewives, and had been excited for the interview. Erika answered their questions about the show, but her tone remained flat.

Erika’s patience hit it’s limit, when the DJs questioned how her husband, buttoned-up lawyer, Tom Girardi, wraps his mind around her career.

“You guys’ outfits are different,” Jamie joked, trying to coax some spirit out of Erika. BJ followed her lead, snarking, “What she’s saying is that he wears tassels too,” responding to Erika describing Tom as “not a stick-in-the-mud.”

“I’m not saying that,” Erika protested. “That’s kinda rude.”

Jamie labeled Erika as “kinda bitchy today,” and abruptly ended the interview.

“That didn’t go so well,” BJ remarked. “She was not in a good mood.” He added, “I don’t feel so bad calling her a gold digger earlier.”

The duo bantered about the dud dialogue a little longer, and Jamie apologized for pushing to invite the super-snoozy Erika onto their show.

After the interview flopped, is when the story took a dishy turn.

On Monday, Jamie and BJ updated their listeners on drama stemming from Erika’s interview, that occurred off the air. Jamie explained that Erika’s manager phoned the show producer, Sean Swallow, complaining about the hosts’ treatment of his client.

Sean and Jamie continued to dish to their listeners — sharing the juicy details about the phone call from Erika’s flustered rep. Jamie explained that she handled the call, and informed the manager that she had fought to get a relatively unknown celeb onto the show. In return for an appearance promo — Erika offered them nothing. 

Click play below and listen to Jamie and BJ dish about the aftermath drama.

Erika’s manager supposedly jumped into scattered, ill-informed time excuses, then when nailed for being clueless about what time the interview went down, launched into biting insults.

“You called her a bitch — he goes — YOU’RE a fu**ing bitch…you ARE, you’re an effing bitch,” Jamie relayed.

It gets worse, because after pointing out Erika’s lack of professionalism, her  manager kept up the rant.

“‘You’re retarded,’ he said,” Jamie recalled.“I said ‘wait — did you just call me retarded?’ and he goes ‘Yeah, not only are you retarded, but you’re an ‘effin retard.’” 

Jamie then described more of the nasty barbs, with the conversation ending with the rep abruptly hanging up. Jamie also revealed that Bravo cameras were rolling, during Erika’s mile-high visit. Jamie  theorized that Erika’s flamboyant stylist, Mikey Minden, could have been “playing” her manager.

Erika Jayne’s shtick might be about “sassy” artistic expression — but her behind the scenes team needs polish. What say you, Erika Girardi? 


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