Carole Radziwill Says Luann’s A “Freak” In The Sheets & Fixated On Tom’s Millions

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Carole Radziwill of the Real Housewives of New York and Mercedes “MJ” Javid of Shahs of Sunset joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Carole’s boyfriend, Adam, tended bar and made vegan peppermint ice cream sandwiches.

Fist, Andy showed a clip of Luann dancing around on the yacht from last week. Shockingly, Carole had nice things to say.

“I’ve never really seen Luann happier. It’s like, I don’t know…the gloating… She’s really, honestly…it was a little over the top, but it was actually really sweet. You have to give it to her.”

MJ’s mom, Vida, and her fiancé, Tommy aren’t getting along. Tonight on the Shahs of Sunset reunion, they tore into each other, leaving MJ in the middle, crying. Carole gives her take on SOS. She complimented MJ, telling her she handled the discord between her mom and Tommy with grace. But if Carole left her dog with a friend and they turned Baby into a pink leopard, she’d consider that a friendship ender.

Asa and MJ were also at odds. Asa thought MJ was jealous. MJ gave her take on the situation:

“She will never produce a shred of truth of me ever anything [sic] but not supporting her. She will never have my friendship back. She’s already pandered for it off camera. She is completely off base. What she did was she got offended by a backhanded compliment from my mother, and then she decided to go on this weird haze campaign. I underestimated her as a human being. She gets to go, ‘Oh yeah, like peace, love, everything.’ Like, completely disappointed.”

Tonight’s poll question wondered if the viewers were on Asa’s side or MJ’s. MJ said:

“Everyone is going to be on Asa’s side. I can tell because of the people who were tweeting me mean things.”

From a sneak peek of part two of the reunion, Reza is left in tears as he confronts GG about her “lies”, and claims she tried to ruin his credibility. MJ and Reza both leave the set. MJ responded, “The lack of vulnerability on certain people, and I just…Golnesa and Asa are two of them.”

Andy asked Carole some quick questions about Tom’s past partners from RHONY. She thought Ramona was the most territorial. Luann was a freak in the sheets. Sonja did more PDA than the rest. Luann was most likely to have sex in a restaurant bathroom. And it was a toss up between Sonja and Luann on the importance of a man’s material worth. “Luann talks a lot about Tom being a millionaire.”

Why did MJ initially wear her engagement ring on her right hand?

“Well, first of all, it wasn’t the size of my finger. That was one reason. And then, after that…that was the main reason.”

Andy pointed out she got a bigger ring.

“He went from one carat to two carats. And you know, at first he said I’m going to propose with a ring and then he kind of like…I’m mean, we’re not going to get it twisted. I’m glad he gave me a bigger ring. But only one more carat.”

A viewer wondered why Carole’s couch is ripped.

“Oh my gosh, well that couch belonged to my mother-in-law, and she had it made in the sixties… My mother-in-law was very fancy. And it would cost up to fifty thousand dollars to reupholster the whole thing. It was made special in France, and it’s like, hand-loomed velvet. So, I’m hanging onto it.”

MJ insisted she would go through with the wedding, even though her mom didn’t approve.

“Yeah, I think I made it really perfectly clear, and I will continue to support that I would like to get married. My mom is not my husband. She’s my mom, and I will always respect her, but you know what, falling in love is something that…I’m over forty, and I’ve never settled, and I finally found love, and we’re not perfect. But fingers crossed, we will get married.”

Did Carole see Jules’ divorce coming or was it a surprise?

“No, I mean I kind of heard little things here and there from the very beginning of the season, but you know, I don’t listen to too much talk about town… I didn’t spend that much time with her. I only met Michael once. I thought he was very nice… The warning sign for me was like they get up in the morning and she’s trying to make him coffee… Well, it’s like you guys have been together ten years, you’re just finding out right now she doesn’t know how to make coffee? There was like, weird shit like that going on.”

What would MJ say to Jessica?

“Shame on you. Stop using us. I’m sorry you thought Mike was going to get you a Rolls Royce and a Rolex and a Chanel. She like, one hundred percent left him and moved in with that Armenian, so if you pay attention to the reunion part one, she bounced when I was calling out the situation… that’s because she jumped off. So, for somebody who says I’m not Jewish, I’ll convert…all the sudden you get married and the first three months you’re out with another man in his apartment, driving his car, um, yeah, I would just play back her life for her.”

Carole pointed out that Mike cheated on Jessica. Like, three years ago, according to MJ, so that hardly matters, right?

Next up, game time! They played a round of Is It Heavier Than MJ’s Boobs. Carole gave MJ’s breasts an experimental feel, and then guessed if objects were heavier, including a ham and Carole’s dog, Baby. Okay, then.

Was Carole invited to Luann’s wedding?

“I think save the date cards went out, if I’m not mistaken?”

Andy admitted he got one, while he shoveled ice cream into his gob. But Carole didn’t make the invite list.

“I would be surprised if I was invited unless it’s like a made for TV moment. But I think we’re not at that place in our friendship.”

Andy and MJ discussed Sonja’s dress at the yacht party. Andy called it an “f^@# you” dress, and MJ agreed, saying Sonja should have tried to downplay her assets.

The night’s poll went in MJ’s favor at 57%.  So, whose side are you on?


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