Drama! Bethenny Frankel Asks Luann If She’s Sleeping With Other Guys While With Tom #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel is holding a secret — and the tea is about to hit the fan, as the ladies of Real Housewives of New York continue their Florida getaway.

In a Bravo preview clip, Bethenny feels out Luann and Tom’s relationship, while pondering how to handle the scandalous info. In the last episode, we learned that Bethenny had received some incriminating texts — and reportedly, Tom was exposed on film making out with another woman.

“Look, I was dating people, he was dating people — we are single,” Luann comments, when asked about how the couple approaches past relationships.

“I know this is going to sound ridiculous — because I know you had a different type of European relationship with Alex — are you guys monogamous?” Bethenny asks.


“Of course,” Luann answers, ignoring the jab about her marriage. “What do you mean monogamous? We’re getting married!”

Luann shares her bewilderment at Bethenny’s line of questioning in a talking head spot.

“Why are you asking such bizarre questions? We just got engaged, and you’re asking me if we’re monogamous? Who asks that?” Luann asks.

A skinny bitch with a secret — that’s who.

“Just be sure that you’re 100% sure. I’ve been through an ordeal,” Bethenny advises. “How do you know you can trust him?’

Luann assures her that Tom is the real deal — but then shares that Bethenny is making her nervous.

“The way that Bethenny is asking me these questions is not sitting right with me. It makes me feel like Bethenny is up to something. She’s not being mean, she’s not being argumentative, she’s just being coy,” Luann comments. 

Tune in tonight — as a tropical storm of drama, continues to brew. RHONY airs at 9:00 pm ET on Bravo. 


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