Reza Farahan Calls Out Blogger Funky Dineva For Falsely Reporting He Filed Bankruptcy! #ShahsOfSunset

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All About the Tea_Reza Farahan Calls Out Blogger Funky Dineva For Falsly Reporting He Filed Bankruptcy_Shahs of Sunset

Is it true that yet another Bravo reality star has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Not so, says Reza Farahan, star of the hit show, Shahs of Sunset.

On Sunday, Reza appeared on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live and was asked about the bankruptcy rumor.

Reza, lot of questions for you about bankruptcy rumors,” Andy said. “I didn’t know you had reportedly filed for chapter 13.”

Reza explained, “Some queen named Crazy Divina [actual name Funky Dineva] doesn’t realize that there are other people named Reza, and some person named Reza filed bankruptcy in Orange County in the court. So, because he saw the name Reza he reported it.”

Here’s what Funky Dineva and his slack investigation said about Reza, not even bothering to spell Reza’s last name correctly. 

“Well my girl down to da Orange County District Federal Court got in touch with me, and told me that she was there while Reza Ferahan appeared for his chapter 13 bankruptcy hearing. She says Reza and those around him went above and beyond to try to shield his face from others who were in the court handling their own bankruptcy affairs, but they failed miserably. As if anyone can’t recognize that mustache from a mile away.”

The blogger admitted he didn’t care enough to pull the actual documents, and maybe if he would have, he would have learned it was the wrong Reza.


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