Meghan Edmonds Reflects On Dealing With “Mostly Absent” Jimmy Through Her IVF #RHOC

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Meghan Edmonds goes to Washington! And she took Heather Dubrow along for the ride. After suffering through IVF treatments, Meghan was glad to get out of the OC for a minute.

“This episode was a big one for me, between my egg retrieval and my Fight CRC speech in DC. I have to say, after last week’s ’70s party, it was refreshing to get away from the drama for a little and focus on some of the major, important things going on in my life.”

Meghan gave a speech in honor of Jimmy’s ex-wife, LeAnn.

“I fight for my friend, LeAnn, who died a year ago of colon cancer, so it meant a lot for me to get her story out there and to know that I’ve made a difference in at least one other person’s life by fighting for the cause.”

But though we watched Meghan stumble through her speech, she says it went well.

“…it definitely was not as bad as it seemed on the show. I was extremely proud of myself and the ladies from Fight CRC said that I moved a lot of people, so I feel like it couldn’t have gone better.”

Just like last season, Jimmy has been mostly absent. But when Meghan called him after her egg retrieval procedure and he was miffed that she’d interrupted his golf game, I just cringed.

“Talking to Heather at dinner about my IVF journey and how Jimmy hasn’t been as involved as I’d like was really helpful and it’s nice that she understands what I’m going through to an extent.”

It may have been cathartic for Meghan, but it’s not going to change the awkward relationship between her and Jimmy. It’s uncomfortable to watch. Well, at least we don’t have to watch her take shots anymore, right?

How are you feeling about this season of RHOC?


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