Kelly Dodd Exposes Shannon Beador’s Lies & Weighs In On Their Beef #WWHL

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Tonight was a bit of a contentious Watch What Happens Live as Andy Cohen played host Kelly Dodd of the Real Housewives of Orange County and Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos. Though Kelly isn’t friendly with Shannon Beador, Jenni is. Because of that, things got a little awkward.

But first, we found out Gage’s assistant, Matt, no longer works for Jeff Lewis Design. He’s now Kris Kardashian’s assistant. But no worries, he’s still on reality TV. Jeff has fired more than his fair share of employees. Jenni agrees, “It’s a bit of a revolving door, but there are some people that stick around.”

Tonight on RHOC, things got a bit incestuous when we found out Meghan Edmonds’ doctor was married to Nina, the woman who trash talked Kelly at Shannon Beador’s party. Whew! Question: is it now mandatory that everyone in the OC appear on this show?!

Tonight, Meghan put on her sleuthing hat and tried to piece together a timeline of events leading up to the argument at Shannon’s party. Before it all went down, Shannon asked Nina and Jaci to come and speak with her. The two had beef with Kelly, and Meghan thinks it was a setup from the start. As we know, once she’s on the case she won’t let up until she finds the truth!

Tonight’s poll question asked if Shannon set up Kelly.

Andy then shot some random quick fire questions toward Jenni on whether it was harder to raise her daughter or her boss. While her toddler needs a nap in the afternoon, Jeff is harder to travel with, needs more potty breaks during the day, and leaves her craving a cocktail every evening. But they both throw monster tantrums.

We got a sneak peek of the next RHOC. Kelly and Shannon have another argument at a dinner party. Slurs are thrown. Dirty words are hurled. And Heather Dubrow lectures everyone. Unfortunately, we have to wait two weeks for the drama.

Jenni and Kelly were asked their opinion on various Bravo couplings and had to decide who was the boss in the relationship. They agreed that Heather, Teresa Giudici, Tamra, and Shannon were the head honchoes, to name a few. When it came to Meghan and Jim though, their opinions differed. Kelly thought Meghan was in the power seat of her relationship. But tonight, Jim resented Meghan for interrupting a round of golf to give him a status report after her egg retrieval procedure. I’m with Jenni on this one. Jim has the checkbook and the power in that dynamic.

A caller asked if Kelly was feeling some kind of way about Shannon before ever entering the 70s party, because she seemed a little out of sorts. (Ahem, that’s what drunk looks like, caller.) Kelly explains.

“I don’t think I was going into it having any agenda. I went in there having fun. I was ready to have a good time. I was obviously drinking before, and drinking there, and I don’t think I was having a bad…”

Andy interrupted her, wondering why Kelly was so convinced Shannon had set her up. Jenni said she was curious about that, too.

“Because I knew Jaci before, and she told me that she knew Shannon. I knew that they knew each other. I should have said it right then and there, but I didn’t…The three of them were talking on the couch together and she was trying to, well, you know, offer out the gossip and the vicious lies about me.”

Jenni butted in, pointing out that Kelly brought up the resort where she and Jaci had run into one another. Kelly defends herself.

“I could have gone there with girlfriends. She’s the one that was rude and said ‘yeah, but you weren’t with him’. It was very disrespectful what she said to my husband. I brought up the resort thing…because the last time I saw Jaci was at the resort.”

Jaci didn’t have to make a snarky comment in front of Michael. It was tacky. I take no sides in this one, but Jenni is with Shannon all the way:

“I’ve known Shannon a long time, and I don’t think she set you up. That’s my two cents.”

Kelly did an impression of Shannon yelling. Jenni wasn’t amused.

It seemed to some viewers that Kelly had an issue with Shannon from the moment they met on the yacht at Heather’s party. Kelly basically agreed.

“She was very rude to me coming off the yacht. And I was trying to talk to her, have a conversation and she wouldn’t… She was a little aloof because I was trying to have a conversation with her, and she wasn’t responding to the questions.”

Another caller was offended by Shannon saying Kelly “looked like an Indian.” What was Kelly’s take?

“I said in the party, I look like Pocahontas, and I love Cher… I was like, trying to channel Cher in her Indian 70s thing. But when she was saying that, I just was wondering…I wasn’t saying that she was ugly, I was meaning the inside, like how she was exuding was ugly.”

Does Kelly regret anything she said or did at the party?

“I regret…of course, I mean, I don’t want to act, you know, crass and uncouth and, you know, I didn’t mean to say she was ugly.”

Next, Andy got into the good stuff. He wanted the lowdown on what happened between Heather and Jeff Lewis. Jenni was present at the event and gave her take.

“Do you know Jeff Lewis? He was making jokes. They were very funny. He didn’t like some things that went down. He called that out. There ensued a fight, a war, if you will. But they were jokes. We were all having a good time. I think Heather took it very differently. Very.”

Did Kelly watch the show before she signed on? Did she know that she’d taking Vicki’s side?

“I watched years past. I haven’t really watched the last three years. I never knew what was going on with she and Brooks.”

Andy asked why she joined the show.

“Because I talked to Meghan and Meghan said it was fun to do it. It’s a great experience. That’s why.”

Jenni asked Kelly another question.

“You apologized, but then you were sorry, but then you weren’t sorry…”

Kelly said:

“I apologized. I was just trying to…listen, we were both in the wrong, and I went there to apologize. Not just for my behavior, but I wanted to move on and have her apologize, too. We were both in the wrong. I really wanted her to say I’m sorry, too, and move on.”

Jenni gave her a skeptical look. “But have you moved on? It doesn’t seem like it.” When Kelly assured her she’s over the drama, Jenni clearly didn’t buy it.

A viewer described this episode of WWHL “uncomfortable”, stating that Jenni and Kelly clearly don’t like each other. Both denied it, but Jenni gave a caveat:

“I mean, yes, I’ve been unhappy with some of your behavior, I’m not going to lie. My ex cheated on me, so that comment, too, was just one step too far. I’m just throwing it out.”

Kelly said: “I feel like she went one step too far. I mean, was my behavior wrong? Yes, it was.”

Jenni said, “Hey, we’re walking over bridges tonight. If that’s uncomfortable to get to the other side, then, you know…”

The viewers weighed in on the poll question. 63% thought Shannon did not set Kelly up. Then Jenni and Kelly hugged it out.

Did Shannon set Kelly up or was having Jaci and Nina there a random coincidence? Maybe Detective Meghan will uncover the truth for us.


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