Shannon Beador Denies Setting Kelly Dodd Up At Her 70’s Party “I Don’t Have Parties to Ambush People” #RHOC

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With echoes of Who? You! still ringing in my head, it’s been hard to find a good guy in the debacle that was Shannon Beador’s 70s party.

New girl, Kelly Dodd, came into the 70s disco ready to party aided by alcohol. Tamra Judge still managed to stir the pot — whether she admitted it or not. Heather Dubrow is perpetually unsatisfied, despite having fancy pants ice cubes and a house that could double as an airplane hangar. Or Meghan Edmonds. She was sober, said little, and stayed in the corner with her mom and her swollen ovaries, so perhaps she was the least offensive? 

However, Shannon thinks we should side with her. She claims she never set Kelly up just to mow down.

“Let me be clear. I had no idea that Jaci or Nina knew Kelly. Plain and simple. Jaci started to tell me a story about Kelly, and I brought Tamra into the conversation… Although Kelly is convinced that I “hijacked” her, I don’t have parties to ambush people… I did not know that Jaci and Nina knew Kelly, let alone have a “history” with her.”

I’m not quite sure I believe that. It’s a small community of friends. Surely the Jaci and Nina knew Kelly had joined the cast, right? But even so, Shannon thought Kelly was the one who started the night off on the wrong foot.

“Everyone was having a great time and then Kelly, Michael and Vicki burst into the party. It was clear they had already been drinking. When I brought Kelly over to David, she called him a pedophile. I was shocked. There is nothing funny about being compared to a pedophile and I thought it was quite rude to say, especially to the host of the party.”

According to Shannon, Kelly brought up her past. Not Jaci.

Kelly brought up a time in the past where she ran into Jaci while on vacation. Apparently Kelly wasn’t traveling with Michael and Jaci mentioned that fact. It was a very awkward moment because Michael was standing right there. I have to say that is a bit difficult for me to comprehend why Kelly is so upset. Kelly is the one that brought up the vacation right in front of Michael.”

While Nina’s language got quite salty (and Shannon does not approve, people!!), Kelly held her own.

Kelly and Nina went at each other for quite some time. In fact, Kelly went after quite a few guests at the party… When I asked Kelly to stop, she then turned on me and then her husband joined in… When the yelling and insults to my guests didn’t stop, I asked Kelly and her husband to leave the party.”

The situation escalated, and when Michael compared Shannon to Mrs. Roper, Shannon saw red. She tries to convince us that’s the look she was going for. Uh-huh.

“I’m not quite sure why Michael was so obsessed with trying to tell me that my outfit wasn’t ’70s or that I looked like Mrs. Roper. Mrs. Roper was the inspiration for my costume. I was flattered that he recognized that.”

When Shannon went to tattle to David and ask for his help in kicking Kelly and her husband out, she found David and Vicki in the middle of a heated argument. And Shannon is standing by her man, y’all!

David is definitely not a fan of Vicki‘s after last year, and when she went up to his table of friends and announced that I was trying to create drama in the other room, David absolutely jumped to my defense. Vicki then walked up to David and put her face inches from his. She provoked him. While I do not agree with David‘s choice of words, I am grateful…”

Then things got crazy. Kelly hit below the belt.

“The biggest blow at the ’70s party were Kelly‘s parting words to David that “no wonder he cheated on his wife.” At this point in my life, that is the cruelest thing that someone could say to me. And to see the satisfied and proud smile on Kelly‘s face after she said it was chilling to me.”

Then Shannon followed suit.

“I am not proud that I brought up her affair and the family she broke apart. It is not in my character to do something like that.”

Evidentially, it is. So, are you on a side? Did any Housewife come out a winner in this fiasco? If so…Who? Who?


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