RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Nominations For Eviction Are Revealed [Episode 19]

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RECAP: 'Big Brother 18' — Nominations For Eviction Are Revealed [Episode 19]

Ding Dong Frank is finally gone. But his Cabbage Patch Kid remains. With the HOH up for grabs who will be the next target?

Julie left us with the HOH comp “Perfect Shot.” The hgs can practice with the yellow ball as much as they want but they can only shoot one time with the red ball. If no one makes the perfect shot, the hg who got their ball in the highest number ball container will win HOH.

Natalie’s very worried. For weeks the house has targeted Frank. With him gone she’s not sure who the new target will be.

Paul says the 4 hgs with the lowest score become have-nots for the week. Spaztastic is so over being a have not.

Nicole is happy Frank’s gone. He created some drama in the house so she’s now looking out for her real alliance. Her showmance with Corey.

Da’vonne thanks the BB Gods Frank is finally evicted and he didn’t hold the roundtrip ticket to get back into the house. She’s now worried about his cult follower Bridget and super shady Nicole. The only person she trusts is herself.

Bridget knows she could still be the biggest target in the house.

Paulie’s throwing the HOH comp. He doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands.

Paul’s so over this HOH comp! Nicole says this comp is about luck and confidence. She’s faking it till she makes it.

James sits behind his current showmance. He’s trying to coach her. He has no clue what she’s doing. She’s all over the place. On the other hand Natalie feels “super lucky” to have James support. She feels “super special.” It takes her awhile but Natalie shoots perfectly with the yellow ball twice.

Victor is ready for the red ball. He scores a 14. Dethroning Paulie’s 6. Paul shoots a 21. He’s spaztastically excited. Bridget shoots her ball and scores a 10. Natalie shoots and scores a 2. Corey shoots a big fat 0. Nicole shoots a 19. Zakiyah shoots a 0. Michelle shoots a 16. Da’vonne is the last to shoot. She scores a 19.

Paul becomes the new HOH. Paul’s ready to send Bridgette packing.

Da’vonne feels good about Paul winning HOH. She feels like they formed a bond.

Paulie gets the mastermind edit. He’s going to convince Paul to go after a bigger target.  

Sidenote: Paulie promised Frank before the eviction he would take care of Bridgette. If he wins HOH he promised safety. I have no clue what Paulie’s doing these days. Too much confidence?

Bridgette’s worried now that she’s alone in the house. That means she actually has to play the game now. Shocker! Summer camp is over.

Paul has to find a pawn to go up next to “homegirl.” (Bridgette) Victor says no thanks. Corey just looks at Paul like he’s crazy. He wants a strong competitor next to Bridgette because she’s a strong competitor.

Nicole feels threatened by Da’vonne. She feels like she’s walking on eggshells. Da’vonne thinks Nicole’s shady but she doesn’t have concrete proof of Nicole’s snakey ways. It’s a gut feeling.

Paulie, Corey and James are hanging out in the bedroom. Paulie immediately goes to work. He wants to convince Paul to nominate Da’vonne and send her packing. Paulie thinks he has Paul under his spell so he’ll do whatever Paulie wants. Paulie thinks Da’vonne’s some kind of mastermind. She’s playing the house against eachother. Bridgette’s keen to fall under Paulie’s mastermind spell now that Frank’s history. Corey calls Da’vonne “Frank in girl form.” James however isn’t ready to send Da’vonne packing. They have a close relationship.

Paul walks into the bedroom still looking for a pawn. Paulie gets to work convincing Paul to nominate Da’vonne and save Bridgette for another week. Corey adds his two-cents but Paul’s still not totally convinced. If anything he wants to backdoor Da’vonne so she doesn’t freak out and start trouble. Paul says Da’vonne is unpredictable. No skin off his nose if she leaves.

“Who wants to see my HOH friendship room” Of course everyone has to make an appearance even if they don’t give two-craps. He got new weirdo underoos. There are some pictures of Paul with his family and without his beard. The girls swoon over clean shaven, Paul. Paul’s HOH letter is from his mom/dad. Time to see the softer side of the beardmister.

His mom’s advice is wear your underwear and no humping. Something tells me there’s a story behind this.

Paul’s ready to lay it out straight for his HOH suite visitors. He’s still looking for a pawn to sit next to his main target Bridgette. The room goes silent. Da’vonne says 4 of them have already felt the block. James says he has nerve damage in his arm so he’s a no go. Zakiyah says “hell no.” Nicole kind of says she would do it.

Nicole came into the house with 2 rules. 1-Never throw a comp. 2-Never volunteer to be a pawn. She wishes she could unvolunteer.

Corey/Nicole discuss saving animals. Nicole rescued a baby kitten. Corey adopted a dog. Is this even relevant to the episode? No. Corey’s the same guy who talked about setting goats on fire so he probably shouldn’t own animals of any sort.

Bridgette checks in with HOH Paul and Paulie. (Co-HOH) Bridgette’s giggly and at this point I’m like REALLY?! She puts her two-cents in on who the “bigger fish” is. She thinks Nicole/Da’vonne are being shady. Paulie’s still all up Da’vonne’s butt. Paul still wants Bridgette to go but he’s building trust with her in case Da’vonne leaves instead of Bridgette. So, Bridgette’s trying to play the game by being a rat. Alrighty then. Stop the innocent edit please.

New plan. Bridgette and Nicole go on the block. If one of them win veto Da’vonne goes up as a replacement. On Thursday the Bridgette and Da’vonne or Nicole and Da’vonne will be on the block.

Alright here we go. Since Paulie now has a haircut like Paul they share a brain. They’re twinsies now.

Paul calls everyone to the living room. Paul announces the care package twist. Each package will receive an advantage in the game. Later everyone is called to the backyard for the first delivery. The package is delivered by airmail as in it floats into the backyard on a parachute. The first package is delivered to Natalie! It’s a never have not pass. She’ll never be a have not.

Is Nicole an undercover reporter? She comes down from the HOH suite and reports to Corey/Michelle. She tells them about Paul wanting a pawn and she volunteered. She then tries to convince her showmance Corey into being a pawn instead. They then argue about who’s going to volunteer. Nicole’s having second thoughts.

Nicole goes back up to the HOH suite because she wants reassurances she won’t get screwed. Paul now thinks Nicole’s not strong enough to survive as a pawn. Paulie randomly volunteers instead. Nicole’s relieved and Paul’s more than excited. “Friendship.” Paul’s catchphrase of the Summer.

Time for the nomination ceremony! Paul nominates Bridgette and Paulie. Paul made a promise to finish the job this week and send Bridgette packing. Paul says Paulie’s the pawn. Paulie wants Da’vonne gone but Paul wants Bridgette gone first. Da’vonne thinks there’s something else going on. Nicole volunteered to be a pawn but Paulie’s on the block?

Will Bridgette or Paulie be saved from eviction? Find out on Wednesday at 8pm!

America’s vote is open again! Vote for the hg you want to  receive the next care package!

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