Discarded Mom-To-Be Meghan Edmonds Seeks Attention On Social Media Amid Marriage Crisis! #RHOC

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Meghan Edmonds_RHOC

Meghan King Edmonds is desperate for attention — from anyone.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s storyline has revolved around IVF belly shots, and a soon to be bun-in-the-oven with her less than excited husband.

Jimmy Edmonds has been there, done that — and the ex-athlete hasn’t been shy about revealing himself as blatantly distant and detached. Have things gotten better on the marriage front, since the couple’s initial shot at parenthood launched? It appears that the relationship is still struggling, according to some recent posts on Meghan’s Instagram page. One photo is captioned, “Bewildered and awestruck by my the changing beauty of my body during pregnancy and embracing each hard moment and each happy moment as a momentous transformation that will forever change me.”


Does Meghan’s expression read overwhelmed by hormones — or perhaps just the face of an ignored mom-to-be?

Meghan responds to a couple of followers in an earlier post, with a photo flashing us back to Shannon Beador’s 70’s party.


“why does the show insist on portraying Jim as flippant and insensitive toward you? It’s obvious they can edit it in any way they want, but I don’t think he’s really that way.”

“he acts like that Bc he hates rehashing things we already talked ab. But even so he could still be more patient.”

Another follower blasts Jimmy, but cites Meghan’s encouraging claim that Jimmy’s brush-offs have turned a corner. Meghan’s response did not reiterate the positive spin.

“My heart had been hurting for you as a woman when it came to Jimmy’s blase’ attitude about the baby. Seeing tonight’s episode would have made me feel even worse for you if I hadn’t recently seen you say he’d turned a corner and was now finally excited. I would have hated the thought of you going thru your pregnancy without that moral support. Congrats.”

beauty yeah it was hard”

Meghan’s latest attention-grab is a dramatic flashback pic, reminding us that her husband was absent, during one of her needle-traumas.

“To learn more about my IVF journey follow @meghansivfjourney for the nitty gritty details (these are stills from a video I made the first day after my egg retrieval and I was not feeling well but had to give myself my first intramuscular estrogen shot as I listened to Jimmy announce the Cardinals game on tv)”


MORE nitty-gritty details than Bravo is already shoving down our yawns every week? Meghan confirms that her storyline won’t be picking up anytime soon.

A checked-out hubby, an attention-starved wife and baby makes three. Do you believe that Meghan has created a single mother reality — even though she still has a ring on her finger?


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