Matt Jordan Reacts To Accusations of Being Used By Kenya Moore #RHOA

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Matt Jordan Reacts To Accusations of Being Used By Kenya Moore

Matt Jordan is offering an update on the ongoing saga with his “queen,” Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore.

Jordan posted and deleted a Saturday late-night Instagram post, where he described flying from LA to Atlanta in hopes of reconciling with Moore, only to be met with Bravo cameras and microphones. Fans obviously responded to the allegation that Kenya was using Matt for a storyline, and Matt is addressing the backlash.

CLICK: Matt Jordan Accuses Kenya Moore Of Using His Love For RHOA Storyline

The couple has been on-again, off-again for several weeks, with Bravo production blurring the lines between true romance, and juicy reality TV. Kenya appears to be jumping into the social media brouhaha, and even posed for Matt’s latest Instagram update. Matt wrote,

“Listen closely. I’m upset with my queen right now. Once again the message does not seem to be getting through too many of you. This in no way was open season on Kenya Moore, as I stated before I chose to use my platform to express my opinions. Before I am viewed in a different way on television. (Damage control). As I awoke this morning I see people calling her whores and a bunch of mean things. She made a mistake as we all have. Trust me if she had no real intention for me she could have turned her back a long time ago with the amount of mistakes that I have made. This lady has seriously saved my life atleast three times that I can count in the last two years. Things that right now I’m too embarrassed to even talk about but trust me this lady has jumped on grenades for my small life!!”

Matt Jordan New IG post about Loving Kenya Moore-rhoa

Matt admits to being upset with Kenya, but goes on to defend the reality beauty, after she was accused of using their relationship for reality drama. Matt writes that Kenya has tirelessly stuck by him, owning mistakes and embarrassments through which Kenya has proven her loyalty.

The photo is a cryptic one—perhaps Kenya is indicating her decision to stay silent, rather than choosing to expose Matt’s embarrassing shenanigans. What do you think?


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