Dolores Catania Dishes on Caroline & Dina Manzo’s Beef & #RHONJ Drama

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Dolores Catania Dishes on Caroline & Dina Manzo's Beef & #RHONJ Drama_watch-what-happens-live

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen played host to Shahs of Sunset star, Reza Farahan. Making her debut to the show was one of the new ladies from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Catania. Her son, Frankie, tended a milk and cookie bar because he’s under age.

Throughout the years, Dolores has been on the fringes of RHONJ. With ties to both Teresa Giudici and Jacqueline Laurita, Dolores breached the friendship barriers this season. But the sitting on the fence while Tre and Jacqueline have been fighting, “was hard to watch, but it’s not hard to be both of their friends”.

Dolores gave her take on plot twists from the past. She wasn’t surprised to see Teresa flip a table in season one. When the two Joes fought on the therapy retreat, Dolores knew the “therapists were out of their league”.

On the rift between Dina and Caroline Manzo:

“I always stayed neutral especially with family. When they get back together, you’ll be on the outs.”

What about Juicy Joe’s phone call at the vineyard, where he called his wife the c-word: “I don’t know. How did Teresa feel about it, more importantly?”

When Jacqueline confronted Teresa about the tabloid rumors and jail, Teresa threw a fit. Did Teresa ever talk to Dolores about the situation?

“Actually, I saw Teresa the week before she was going in, and she made lunch plans with me the day she was leaving, I think. I don’t think she really thought it was going to happen.”

On Melissa Gorga being a stripper, Dolores refused to comment.

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s RHONJ episode where Teresa and Jacqueline rehash their past. Teresa felt that when Jacqueline questioned her about the tabloid rumors, it was an attack. Jacqueline points out that the rumors turned out to be true. It wasn’t an ambush. Teresa states that her “real” friends already knew what was going down. Things turn left from there.

Caroline Manzo tweeted in, wishing Dolores luck. Albie and Chris were in the audience to support Frankie.

Does Dolores think prison changed Teresa?

“I don’t think people change. I don’t feel she had to change. I think she’s calmed down. Her temper’s under control, and I think it takes a lot more to get her mad, but I don’t think she’s changed. We are who we are.”

This family isn’t shy. Frankie lifted his shirts and flashed his abs twice. Andy ogled a little too much, me thinks. Dolores stood and turned to the audience, showing off her recent butt lift. Keeping it classy, kids!

This season, Joe Gorga is unhappy that Melissa has her own business. He liked it better when he could lock her in the music studio in their basement. Dolores says:

“He wants her home. That was the deal when they got married. It’s not for everybody.”

So what’s your take? Is Dolores a good addition? Will Melissa’s new store be a hit or, like her music career, will it be an autotuned miss? Just joking! Sort of.


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