Teresa Giudice’s Attorney Says She’s “Paid In Full” Despite Owing Creditors Millions! #RHONJ

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Teresa Giudice_RHONJ Season 7

Teresa Giudice is all paid up, according to The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s attorney, James Leonard, Jr.

In a scene airing tonight, viewers will watch Leonard pick Teresa up, escorting her into the city so she can begin recording the audio version of her prison tale, “Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.” Cameras are rolling, so Leonard knows that the time is right to plug his favorite client’s rehabbed fiscal responsibility. 

“Guess what I did yesterday?” Leonard teases, bursting with the good news. “I sent your final restitution check to the government. You are completely paid in full.”

“YAY!” Teresa exclaims, adding, “I knew it was coming soon, so I’m glad it’s over with now.”

“You paid off a lot of money, within three weeks of coming home,” says Leonard. “You owe ZERO — that’s a relief right?”

“Big relief,” Teresa answers.

It’s possible that Leonard is referring strictly to her federal debt — however, the word “owe” and the word “zero,” should not be uttered in the same sentence, when it comes to Teresa Giudice. The comment reveals a subtle effort to casually erase the long list of unsecured creditors, who remain unpaid — they are the general creditors, not like banks that have collateral. Maybe if the cast mutters “zero” enough times — the viewers will begin to believe it?

In May 2016, Teresa‘s malpractice lawsuit attorney, Carlos Cuevas’, told U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Stacey L. Meisel, that Giudice has paid or has agreements to pay 27 of the 29 creditors listed in her 2009 $13.4 million bankruptcy filing. However, there has been no proof offered to substantiate Cuevas’ claims of repayment.

So when Leonard proudly announced that Teresa “owes zero,” is he hoping that we forget about all of the victims that suffered, due to the greed of Teresa and others just like her?

While Teresa toots around town in her shiny new $90k+ Lexus SUV — does she even know (or care) that businesses crashed and burned while she was locked up?

Teresa owes the American people a debt that she can never repay — will her spotlight-loving sidekick ever casually address paying back the businesses that remain shafted by his client? Viewers won’t be brainwashed into forgetting.


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