Lala Kent Confirms ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Departure As Cast Parties In New Orleans

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Lala_and_Kristen_Vanderpump Rules

You’ve heard the rumors and reports, but now it’s official – Lala Kent is not returning to Vanderpump Rules for its upcoming season. 

While other cast members where filming in New Orleans to celebrate Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, the reality star was noticeable absent from the pictures posted on social media. On Friday, Lala tweeted, “I made the decision to leave the show. I realized it isn’t for me. IT WAS COMPLETELY MY DECISION.” According to Lala, she wasn’t fired from season 5 by Bravo, but “made the decision” to leave the show of her own accord.

Lala joined the SUR staff last season and was embroiled in controversy from the start. For a time she was in a relationship with DJ, James Kennedy, but that has burned itself out. Recently, Lala’s rep confirmed she was going to be part of season five, though he wasn’t sure “to what extent.”

“LaLa is part of season five,” the rep said. “To what extent is still unknown due to other opportunities she has decided to take advantage of.”

Now the unknown is known and Lala Kent is apparently taking “advantage” of opportunities elsewhere.


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