Sonja Morgan Calls Out Ramona Singer For Grabbing Her Drink “Ramona is Tacky” #RHONY

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LuAnn de Lesseps is marrying the new man in her life, but he’s no stranger to her co-stars. Sonja Morgan dropped a bombshell — announcing she had a decade long “friends with benefits” relationship with Luann’s serious boyfriend, Tom D’Agostino. And chatter about Tom‘s questionable dating history — overlapping between Luann and Sonja has been a hot topic among the ladies. Adding fuel to an already hot fire, Bethenny Frankel recently exposed that she received a series of incriminating texts, that could end Luann and Tom’s engagement. 

“Miami it is, and it’s great to be near Palm Beach where Luann lives! I can’t wait until they get married so it actually happens and nothing blows it up. She is in looooooove. I am loving this whole thing. Luann is impervious, and she is on her yacht.”

The same yacht Sonja slammed in the episode, saying it was nothing compared to her ex-husband’s yacht? Either way, Sonja now says she adores watching Lu get giddy.

“Lu giggling on the yacht makes me happy. She is in her element.”

While Sonja and Ramona seemed fine on the trip, Sonja now sounds tired of Ramona and her aggressive ways.

Ramona is so tacky grabbing my drink. I’m not addicted to alcohol. Remember when I was able to sip champagne and wine in Turks and Caicos? Then Ramona is still mouthing off and being judgmental about exactly what she does: drinking and acting inappropriately.”

Sonja throws another jab at her good pal, Ramona.

“I would like to see her give up her steady Pinot habit. So rude. When did she become so high and mighty? I am cracking up. Ramona and her stinger are not going to affect me this time.”

When Sonja and Ramona were traveling together, Sonja carried Ramona’s extra bag. And wore two hats.

Ramona and I arriving in the airport is classic me. Carrying her extra luggage is the norm. I always wear two hats because if I put them in a box I may leave them behind, on the plane or through TSA.”

Though Luann talked freely to the press about her relationship with Tom, Sonja claims she stayed mum.

“I didn’t give Lu and Tom‘s story to the press. I gave no comment as she asked. I never comment on divorce — BTW tacky.”


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