RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Eviction, Twists & Returnees Reunite With Former Allies

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big-brother18_episode 18

Eviction night means the end of either curly cue’s game or his cabbage patch kid. The house seems unanimous but Julie announced a twist that will shake up the game. Will it save Frank or Bridgette’s game?

Tonight’s episode is hosted by the company who made Julie’s potato sack with straps outfit.

Right after Michelle closes Frank’s last chance at salvation she regrets it. Michelle goes all catty again sitting outside with Da’vonne, Natalie and James. She says Bridgette was frustrated. She called Michelle out. What did she expect? Michelle contemplated using it on Frank so Bridgette goes home. She knows Bridgette will target her if she wins HOH. Natalie says she never talks game with Bridgette. She only sees her “fun side.”

Inside Bridgette uses her baby voice to commiserate with Frank. Frank throws out some BB wisdom. Win HOH and turn the house upside down. Once again Bridgette gets the “good girl” edit. She says she doesn’t have a lot of true friends in her life. She feels alone and no one has her back except for Frank.

Michelle continues her “catty” streak. (edit) A little too much salt in your diet? She explains she had a crush on Frank and wanted to work with him. Then Bridgette came along and meow cattiness broke out. Michelle actually starts crying when she thinks about Frank leaving. She feels bad for not using it. Da’vonne says being a Frank superfan was cute when he was the underdog. He’s the devil this season. Enough of this salty girl crap.

Am I missing something? Two cute girls fighting over Frank? Is it his frizzy hair or his lack of hygiene or douchey behavior with the girls?

James walks into the living room and sees a message on the screen. “Clues to the secret are all around you.” Let the speculating and searching begin. Since there’s squat to do in the BB house the houseguests have plenty of time to search. Only Paul figures out the puzzle. I know shocking right? He finds the same color words on several different pictures. From there he figures out you have to dial PARIS on one of the phones. Then he discovers the clue that brings him to The Paris Room. It turns out the houseguests get “tickets.” Only one of them is a “round trip ticket.” The tickets will be read upon eviction and if they receive the ticket marked “round trip” they will immediately return to the house.

Returnees means checking in with their former allies/showmances. Another way to keep fans interested if you ask me.

Da’vonne’s ally was Jason. Jason’s still living in his mom’s basement. He’s still broke, single and working at the same grocery store. He says Da’vonne is being aggressive. She’s gotten called out. The key to her long-term game is sticking around long enough for the breakup of the showmances.

James closest ally was Meg. She says their relationship was never romantic. They were always friends. Nothing more. She says James needs to watch out for Da’vonne. She’s not truly loyal.

Nicole used to date Hayden. He says they dated for a while but it didn’t work out. They remain friends. (Nicole says Hayden didn’t want to settle down and start a family. Who blames him? He’s still young!) He says it’s weird to watch her in another showmance. He doesn’t suggest it if she wants to win the game. But he supports it and Nicole.

Frank’s BB14 mentor was Mike Boogie. He says playing with Frank was so much fun. Then Mike says Frank’s playing a horrible game. His biggest mistake is winning the roadkill comps and not keeping it secret. It makes him more of a target.

Eviction night means the nominees have to give their “save me I’m special” speeches. Frank speaks directly to Bridgette. He tells her how much he loved playing with her and he’ll always be her friend. Bridgette puts her sickening sweet baby voice on again. I used the mute button because her voice is worse than Bronte’s.

The votes were unanimous for a second week in a row. Frank is evicted. Hugs all around before Frank walks out the door hopefully for the last time. But you never know with the new twist in play. (Michelle says “See you in five minutes!”)

Julie clarifies the twist. The tickets are open upon the houseguests’ eviction. The tickets will expire after the August 18th live eviction.

Wah wah wahhh! Conspiracy theories debunked. Frank’s ticket is a one-way ticket. He won’t be returning. Now that’s out-of-the-way! The Chenbot inquisition begins. Julie asks what happened to the returnees sticking together? Frank says it may have been because he wanted to target Da’vonne. He says his downfall was his big mouth and he’s too trusting.

The goodbye messages were a mix of hahahahaha you’re gone and Bridgette crying about how much she’ll miss him and they’ll be friends for life. Da’vonne says if they never speak again, she’ll be fine with it.

The HOH Comp is called “Perfect Shot.” Here’s how it’s played: Each houseguest has a red ball and a yellow ball. The goal is to roll the red ball down the creek to the box at the other end. Practice as many times as you want with your yellow ball. You only get 1 chance with your red ball. Practice too little you may not get a perfect shot. Practice too much someone may beat you to the perfect shot. First houseguest to get the perfect shot wins HOH. If you don’t make the perfect shot your ball may land in one of the numbered boxes. (10-21) If no one makes the perfect shot the winner will be the hg who gets their ball in the box with the highest number.

Julie introduces “America’s care package.” Think America’s player with a few twists. Each week America votes! We decide which houseguest will receive it. The houseguests can only receive a care package once.  

Find out who wins HOH on Sunday! Who will the new HOH nominate?

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