RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Tensions Run High As Frank Tries To Flip The House [Episode 17]

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RECAP: 'Big Brother 18' Tensions Run High As Frank Tries To Flip The House [Episode 17]

The end of dictator Frank’s reign is near. Can he find a way to save himself? Is his protege going to exit before he can say bon voyage?  

Dun Dun Dunnnn…James finally nominated Frank and Bridgette. Do you think they’ll go out without sinking a few games along the way?

Let’s find out what everyone thinks now that the dictator is falling quickly. James doesn’t feel bad about going back on his word. In the words of Mike Boogie “You can bounce checks in the BB house.”

Frank’s pissed Bridgette is nominated. He says James has no backbone. Them are fighting words. Bridgette feels blatantly lied to. I’m sorry is this Mr. Rogers or Big Brother? Frank’s right there cheering her up. Bridgette falls to pieces with her “Oh my God! He lied” routine. The baby talk. I can’t.

Meanwhile a spontaneous Storage Room celebration breaks out. Da’vonne is over the moon happy! Her nemesis is finally getting evicted. They quickly have to pull it together before Frank walks in front of the Storage Room door, uses his X Ray vision and discovers their celebration.

Michelle makes no qualms about her dislike for Bridgette. She calls Bridgette fake. Meow Michelle!

Frank’s not going down without a fight. He finds a sleeping James in the HOH suite. The he starts balling him out for nominating Bridgette. He says he expected to go up but Bridgette nominated next to him just pisses him off. Frank’s real plan is to take the target off their backs and put it somewhere else. James says everytime there’s a fight in the house Frank’s right there in the middle of it. Frank continues to plead his case. To his credit, James sits there patiently and listens. Frank blames all the drama on Da’vonne. It’s a conspiracy! James sees right through the victim routine. Can’t BS the BSer! Frank’s somehow convinced James will put Da’vonne up if one of them wins the veto.

Time to pick players for the Veto Comp! James, Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Da’vonne and Nicole. Well, that couldn’t have gone any better for the house. Not so much for Frank/Bridgette.

Da’vonne and Michelle are resting before the comp. Paul comes in with his rah rah win speech. It goes like this: Rub it in his face when you win the veto. Paul’s worried about the beardster going up as a replacement nominee. Paul’s not going to let the curly cue snake put his Jedi mind tricks on the house. Da’vonne’s confident. She says “We got this” with a nod and a wink.

Natalie comes out of the DR with her Mardi-Gras reject costume on and announces the Veto Comp! This week’s POV is a tradition passed along over the years. OTEV! The “BB Electric Festival” OTEV is the “dopest DJ” in the backyard to entertain “12 tone deaf wankers.” For those of you who are new to BB, here’s how the game is played. Think musical chairs with insults. OTEV gives them “dope” clues about competitions in the BB house. The players have to find the right “dope track” and serve it to OTEV. The last player back on the lily pad (or if they pick up the wrong dope track) are eliminated. Last player standing wins the POV!

Michelle wins the POV! The house explodes with celebrations. Frank isn’t giving up. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Somehow Frank still thinks he’s some kind of evil genius.

Everyone comes into the house. Congratulations all around for Michelle. Paul immediately gets to work. He has to make sure Michelle doesn’t use the veto.

Unfortunately, Bridgette hasn’t removed herself from Frank’s butt long enough to recognize a sinking ship. Frank thinks he still has some voodoo power left. He pulls Michelle into the Safari Room to work his magic. He tries to appeal to her superfan side. He talks about how much the fans loving big moves and people backdoored. Frank asks how he can get her to use it. Michelle says he needs to throw Bridgette under the bus. Frank drops the bomb. He wants Da’vonne backdoored. Unfornutely, Michelle makes herself look jealous and catty.

Frank’s in the Safari Room campaigning doesn’t go unnoticed. Closing the door probably would’ve been a smarter move. The other hgs convene in the Storage Room and come up with a plan to break up the Michelle/Frank convo. Spaztastic Paul goes in first. Frank gives him the boot. Zakiyah walks in. Then James, Da’vonne and finally Paul walks back in. Frank makes no secret he’s pleading for Michelle to use the Veto. Zakiyah jokingly gives them 5 minutes.

Da’vonne walks up to the HOH Suite and reports how Paul has had his fill of Frank’s antics. They need to calm Paul down before he goes super spazzy on Frank. Da’vonne’s torn. She knows the house doesn’t want the boat rocked but she’s screaming on the inside for Paul to call Frank out.

Paulie pulls Paul into a bedroom. Nicole and Corey’s makeout session is inadvertently interrupted. Paul is not deterred. He’s ready to go spaztastic all over Frank and his antics. No one’s going to stop him. Even Corey/Nicole’s hot steamy and GROSS makeout session. (There’s a bit more going on under the covers if you know what I mean)

Paul walks into the living room (with half the house watching) and calls Frank out on his endgame. Frank plays the ignorant card. The entire conversation turns into a big trainwreck.

Michelle escapes the insanity. She visits James/Natalie in the HOH suite. She has to take “a lot of time” to decide what she wants to do.

James decides to end the craziness and call a house meeting. Bridgette has to ask permission to attend the meeting? That’s why she annoys me so bad. Does she have brain cells? Paul leads the POV charge. Frank let’s the cat out of the bag. He wants Michelle to use the Veto and Da’vonne to be the renom. Paulie was planning to pull Frank aside and tell him the numbers aren’t in his favor. “Stop making yourself look like an idiot.” HA! After thanking Da’vonne and Paulie for having a backbone the meeting is adjourned.

So, here we go with the catty girl crap. (Put the show edit aside for a sec and let me fill you in on what’s behind the Michelle/Bridgette crap.) Michelle doesn’t like Bridgette. There’s a good reason for that. Bridgette pulls the innocent sweet routine. It’s purely B.S. She talks major crap about Michelle. Michelle overheard. They don’t like eachother. Both of them are rather catty. Fighting over Frank? I don’t get the appeal. He’s douchey and rude. Remember editing isn’t always what’s really happening in the house. People get story edits. Just so happens Bridgette’s getting the cute girl next door edit when she’s just as catty as Michelle is.

We all know she’s not going to use the Veto. She’s tempted but she knows if she uses it the entire house will come after her. She doesn’t use it. Frank/Bridgette remain on the block.

Who will be evicted from the house? Tune in Thursday for the live eviction.

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