Ramona Singer Blasts Thomas D’Agostino For “Overlapping” Relationships With Sonja and Luann

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Ramona Singer on watch-what-happens-live-season-13-RHONY

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Ramona Singer, of the Real Housewives of New York, and tight end, Travis Kelce, joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. Bravo impersonator, Amy Phillips, tended bar.

Tonight’s RHONY episode featured a giddy Luann de Lesseps aboard a yacht. What was supposed to be a girls’ trip also became an engagement party for Luann and her new man, Tom. She danced and pranced and talked incessantly about getting married. Andy commented that she was gloating while boating. Aptly put.

Ramona wasn’t happy to exchange her promised Hawaiian trip for a jaunt to Miami, but once she hit the boat, she got “frisk-ay.” Her daughter, Avery, sat in the audience of WWHL. Watching her mom practically rip off her clothes on the yacht was a little awkward. “It’s kind of funny, but I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness it firsthand.”

On the sneak preview of next week’s show, Tom is acting weird and distant from Sonja Morgan at the engagement party. But since they were friends with bennies for ten years, that’s to be expected, right? Ramona also tried to lay claim to being one of Tom’s exes, but he denied, denied, denied. Ramona admitted it was a strange situation.

“You can see the body language between Tom and Sonja. You can see there was definitely something that had deeply transpired from them… You could read between the lines.”

Ramona was given a list of questions to ask Travis about dating. When he said that not sleeping with a girl after the third date would be a bad sign, Ramona said, “What did your mother teach you?” But she agreed with him that withholding oral was a no go, and then she got embarrassed, remembering her daughter was in the audience.

Amy Phillips donned a blond wig and answered questions in her best Ramona impersonation. The real Ramona agreed with every word.

During the show, Luann tweeted about the other women not ruining her happiness. Ramona said she was protesting too much.

Was Ramona uninvited to Luann’s wedding?

“Nothing has happened yet. She said on the reunion she’ll decide who she’s going to invite or not invite.”

Does Ramona think Tom and Luann will actually go through with the ceremony?

“All I know is, I’ve never seen Luann happier, and that’s the good news. The bad news is, what kind of man knowingly overlaps seeing women that are friends? It seems to me that’s a little weird. That’s all I’ll say.”

What does Ramona think of Luann’s ring?

“I don’t really want to talk about her ring.”


When it came to game time, Ramona described sports words to Travis. In return, she received a pair of black lace panties with a rhinestone apple embellishment. Is the entire budget of this show spent on alcohol?! Get some decent Mazel gifts already.

Earlier in the season, Ramona spread gossip to Luann about Tom. He gave his ex a gold bracelet for Christmas. When she dropped the news, it harshed Luann’s buzz considerably. Even Avery was shocked. Ramona defended herself.

“They didn’t show the full thing. I said to her, ‘I’m being a girls’ girl. Take the information, what I’ve given you, and use it. Don’t tell Tom. Put it in the back of your head.’ I could tell she’s over the moon, so no. I’m an upfront gal, and I believe girls should help girls and be a girls’ girl.”

There you have it. Ramona may apologize, but she rarely has regrets. So what’s your take? Is Tom a three-timing scoundrel or is he a good guy who finally found his dream woman?


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