Tamra Judge Slams Shannon’s Friends’ “Vile” and “Mean” Comments About Kelly Dodd #RHOC

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Tamra Judge is trying to turn over a new leaf on this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Let’s step into the time machine, shall we, and watch as Tamra set up Gretchen at a dinner party a few years ago. She plied her with alcohol, asked embarrassing questions, and even prompted her son, Ryan, to hide away in a closet with Gretchen for a make out sesh. Fast forward to Shannon Beador’s disco party, where Tamra doesn’t want to hear negative talk about her new pal, Kelly Dodd.

“When I walked in and sat down with the ladies on the couch, I had no idea what was going on. I had never met these two girls before, and I didn’t understand what their motivation was. To me it felt like they had it out for Kelly. I feel like Kelly has been very open about her separation with her husband and dating someone else. In my mind I was thinking, ‘Why is Jaci telling us this?’ and ‘Why do we care?’”

More importantly, why does Jaci spell her name without a “k”? Anyway, things turned awkward when Kelly and Vicki Gunvalson stepped through the beaded curtain.

“When Kelly walked in, I called her over because there is nothing worse than walking in a room and knowing people are talking about you. I felt it was best if Jaci and Nina had something to say about Kelly that they say it in front of her.”

Tamra didn’t like hearing the smack talk coming Kelly’s way. Quite a change from seasons past, no?

Nina‘s mouth was out of control, and I had to get up and leave. I didn’t want to hear what she was saying — it was just vile and mean. I could tell Shannon was feeling uncomfortable, too, and they really put her in a awkward situation.”

And without the slightest bit of irony, Tamra says this:

“Going to a party where two guests had it out for you could not be a good feeling. That’s why I said I would feel set up, too, if I were Kelly. I was not saying Shannon set her up.”

So was Tamra being a good friend or stirring the pot?

“When I walked in the other room, the girls could see the look on my face. I wasn’t gonna lie when they asked me why I was sitting there listening to those girls. I wasn’t trying to create a fight by telling Kelly that Nina was talking sh– about her… In hindsight I probably should have kept my mouth shut and said nothing when they asked me.”

But then things went left when Kelly started yelling at Shannon, calling her Mrs. Roper and insulting her 70s costume. The nerve!

Kelly telling Shannon she was ugly and she could see why her husband cheated on her was mean and low. No one deserves to be cheated on…ever! And clearly Shannon is not ugly. Shannon saw red and lost all control, and I’m pretty sure I would have too.”

I’m sure you would have, Tamra. We’ve all seen that side more than once. Next, David went after Vicki like a pit bull. Well, in his case, a drunken pit bull.

“I’m not fond of seeing men argue with ladies. It’s just not right. I could see David was sticking up for Shannon when Vicki started talking about his wife in front of him, but he should have left it at that. Take notes from Eddie: he walks away, not into drama at all.”

So, has Tamra really changed? Was she trying to stir shit up between the ladies or was she really shocked at the vitriol coming from this chick, Nina? Thoughts?


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