Inside Shannon Beador’s Shady Plot To Expose Kelly Dodd At Her 70’s Party! #RHOC

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All About the Tea_Inside Shannon Beador's Shady Plot To Expose Kelly Dodd At Her 70's Party

Social media is buzzing over a party that nosedived into a bad trip, as Real Housewives of Orange County visited the 1970’s.

It was a Kelly Dodd vs Shannon Beador scream-fest, that definitely livened up a stale Season 11. Accusations are swirling, pointing to Shannon recruiting two shady ringers to nail Kelly Dodd to the wall. Shannon denied the dirty pool on Watch What Happens Live — but there is little doubt that Shannon is busted. Consider her recent history.

Shannon and David were recently caught on a now deleted Facebook video (watch below), in cahoots with a woman named Dana Caldwell — a scorned wife of one of Kelly’s exes — who is allegedly feeding the Beadors dirt on Dodd

The Beadors tried to brush it off during the video, but moments later Shannon blasted David for blurting out Dana’s identity. Kelly is standing by Vicki Gunvalson  and that won’t stand for a couple gasping for renewed relevance. Dana needs to make way for Jaci and Nina — or did she actually hook this tacky duo up with Shannon to begin with?

Back on the OC reality landscape, enter Jacki — minus the K, and Nina — both mic’ed and production approved. Jaci disses Kelly upon arrival, snarking that she last saw Dodd with another man, during her separation from her husband—the man standing right beside her. Kelly calls the jab a “b*tch move” but remains cordial.

When Tamra Judge joins Shannon and the icky pair, Shannon brings up that Jaci and Nina actually know Kelly. Jaci snarks again about Kelly’s old boyfriend, then launches into gossip, until Vicki and Kelly get too close. Vicki and Kelly remark that they are looking for Vicki’s purse, and Nina comes alive. Jaci appears mildly annoyed that the gossip sesh is interrupted and mumbles, “This isn’t going as I thought,” raising a sober Tamra’s BS antennae. Vicki and Kelly wander away to keep up the search, and Nina goes IN on Kelly — for no apparent reason. “Honey you have issues b*tch — just go back in there. You’re so ghetto. Little fu**ing b*tch — whatever it is. And you know this, Shannon.”

Shannon slips and shoots a stifled smirk towards Jaci, during Nina’s trashy soliloquy.

Shannon nonsensically comments that she doesn’t fault Nina for defending herself, “if you cross her.” Nina was “crossed” and thrown into defense mode, by a simple question about a missing handbag? “I don’t have to suck anybody’s d*ck to pay my bills,” Nina added. Good to know. 

Bravo flashes back, and reveals that Nina had intentionally moved Vicki’s purse, making her bizarre, gutter-mouthed tirade look like a bad Housewives audition. Tamra steps in and feeds the fire, as Jaci resumes spilling the tea on Dodd. Kelly and Vicki confront the women, and Shannon butts in, demanding silence, so Jaci can be heard bashing Kelly with no background noise. Unfortunately for Shannon, Mrs. Roper was dragged into the argument, which triggers Shannon’s own banshee fit.

Kelly sees things clearly and blasts Shannon, “You got these stupid b*tches to go after me.”

How do Kelly’s co-stars weigh in on Shannon’s shady antics? Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge both believe that the scenario stinks.   

“…some of Shannon’s guests were completely inappropriate. Jaci and Nina seem like they were gunning for Kelly from moment one. I was mortified by Jaci’s comment to Kelly about being at Montage with a different man. It was classless and I thought Kelly handled it well,” Heather writes in her Bravo blog.

Tamra writes, “I had never met these two girls before, and I didn’t understand what their motivation was. To me it felt like they had it out for Kelly. I feel like Kelly has been very open about her separation with her husband and dating someone else. In my mind I was thinking, ‘Why is Jaci telling us this?’ and ‘Why do we care?’ When Kelly walked in, I called her over because there is nothing worse than walking in a room and knowing people are talking about you.”

Shannon and David have already been caught digging up dirt on Vicki’s new confidant, and Jaci and Nina were likely invited into the mix, to expose Kelly Dodd, on camera. The show ends with Shannon screeching out her prized rumor — but she can’t manage to peg Kelly’s ex-cohort, in her rant. Shannon’s hysterics mimicked the very behavior she condemned so adamantly last season, after her husband was being whispered about, all over the OC. I don’t think Mrs. Roper was a raging hypocrite — so cheer up Shannon — the similarities end at your horrid outfits.   

Bravo editing shenanigans were undoubtedly in the mix here, but one thing is clear. The thirst is real for a couple with a moldy storyline that no one cares about anymore. Remaining self-righteously bitter while thrashing Vicki and Kelly is their only shot. The K-needy Jaci, and nasty Nina might want to keep their day jobs.


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