Luann de Lessep’s Fiancé Blasts Ramona For Accusing Him Of Lying About Their Sexual Fling #RHONY

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Luann de Lessep’s Fiancé Blasts Ramona For Accusing Him Of Lying About Their Sexual Fling

Luann de Lessep’s fiancee, Tom D’Agostino takes center stage on tonight’s Real Housewives of New York. The cast is in a dither, deciphering who made love to, dated, or just heartlessly screwed Luann’s true love. In one of Bravo’s preview clips, we see Ramona, Sonja, and Dorinda, hashing out the cross-pollination, and discussing Ramona’s issues with Luann. Ramona isn’t happy that Luann isn’t being “forthright,” and accuses her of being a media whore.

“All I’m saying is that I did my job, keeping things under wraps. While I was seeing him, and as soon as I found out about Luann….” Sonja remarks, before Ramona jumps in.

“He’s screwing her [Sonja], dating me, wining and dining me,” Ramona says through Sonja’s clarifications, that she was “making love” to her good pal Tom, not “screwing” him. 

I wonder what Tom would call it?

Tom isn’t staying quiet, and addressed his gossipy little black book, clarifying his side to Radar Online.

“I took Ramona to dinner a couple of times, but we never ‘dated,’” the entrepreneur clarified. “With Sonja, we have been friends for several years,  and we did spend a night together before I met Luann.

Tom also claims that he was honest with Luann about his relationships with her co-stars, and that she heard the truth from him first. Ramona has claimed on the show she dated Tom several times, and that Luann violated girl code, by not consulting her before she fell head over heels in love. Why do you think Tom and Ramona have conflicting stories? 

Ramona likes to stir the pot. She is an unreliable source, and will do anything for attention,” Tom explains.

Viewers heard Sonja snark at Luann’s canary yellow diamond engagement ring, calling the sparkler “murky.” Where does Tom think Sonja’s seemingly jealous attitude is coming from?

Tom explains that while he considers Sonja just a friend, she “wanted things to be more than they were.”

Luann and Tom are planning a New Years Eve wedding, in Palm Beach, FL. Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET — as the dream Tom hysteria plays out.


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