Shannon Beador Talks Not Forgiving Vicki & Claims Kelly’s Marriage Has Issues

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On tonight’s Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Shannon Beador and Odd Mom Out’s Abby Elliott joined Andy Cohen.

Andy played clips of Shannon’s kids asking David about his wet dreams while looking for costumes for her upcoming party. At the shindig, Heather Dubrow took a spill on her roller skates and quickly blamed her husband, Terry. So, did Terry push her or did she bump into him? A question that will haunt us for the next three seconds.

Recently, Heather sang the national anthem at the Angels’ game and she did a pretty good job. She didn’t go for the high notes, and Andy said she sounded like a good American Idol audition. I give her major points for having the guts to sing such a difficult song in the first place.

Tonight, when Kelly Dodd accused Shannon of not only looking like Mrs. Roper but of also setting her up at the party, things got heated between the two women. The poll question asked whose side we were on — Shannon’s or Kelly’s.

When Vicki left Shannon’s party — after arguing with David — she called Brooks and left him a voice mail message, asking him to call her back. Shannon said:

“I think that she misses him. I mean, I know she misses him, so I think it was an excuse to call.”

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s episode where Shannon and Kelly meet at an outdoor café and continue to attack each other. Amidst the wine and sunshine, they point fingers, play the blame game, and Kelly maintains that Shannon set her up. Shannon denied it.

“First of all, clearly she’s flattering herself because I don’t have that kind of time. I’m not that kind of a person to have a party to specifically set someone up. Jaci actually was very instrumental in helping Heather and I with our HOA. Heather knows Jaci, too. She was at the hoedown, so we’re both friendly with her. I asked her to come to the party. I didn’t know she knew Kelly.”

Abby said she was glad Shannon told Kelly off, that she deserved it. Shannon said, “Just the choice of words was just mindboggling.”

The biggest question coming Shannon’s way from social media was “You forgave David. Why can’t you forgive Vicki?”

“First of all, David’s my husband, and the most important thing is that David takes accountability for what happened. He continually shows remorse over that. That’s not something I’ve seen from Vicki. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And Vicki lied to me a month and a half before we started filming last season about the IV story. She keeps trying to forget that. She lied to me. So she was trying groom me for the season to defend her, which I did.”

A caller asked what Shannon thought about Tamra being a pot stirrer at the party.

“Well, I think that we were all taken aback because I didn’t know that Jaci and Nina had known Kelly before, and they were starting to tell us a story of some history they had. And we didn’t actually get that far because Kelly and Vicki came out. So, we were all kind of confused. I don’t know if she really was stirring the pot in that situation.”

One viewer wondered what really happened between Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow at Shannon’s home.

“It wasn’t actually at my house, but it was at a dinner, and I wasn’t there when the event happened.”

She kind of mumbled the words and refused to spill the tea. What a copout. That’s the one thing I wanted to know!

Shannon was asked about her opinion of Kelly’s marriage.

“I’m very hesitant to comment about other people’s relationships because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. It’s been hard when people — and they still make comments about my own marriage. Clearly it looks as though they’re having issues, but I don’t know for sure.”

Who did Shannon feel had the worst intentions toward her this season?

“I think it’s probably Kelly Dodd. And you will see.”

The poll question was decisively in Shannon’s favor by a whopping 62%. So whose side are you on? 


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