Meghan Edmonds Shares Heartbreak Over Husband’s “Lack of Sentiment” In Her Pregnancy

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All About the Tea_Meghan Edmonds Shares Heartbreak Over Husbands Lack of Sentiment In Her Pregnancy-RHOC

Meghan Edmonds loves children. So much so that she devotes a portion of her Real Housewives of Orange County blog to them.

“This week’s episode had some great kid moments! I was laughing so hard with Stella and the wet dream question! I can’t believe how well David handled it and just answered her like it was no big deal… And then the scene with Owen and Briana in bed. He is so stinking adorable with his donut request and his “please Nana dear!” I can’t wait for my baby to be his age!”

And speaking of her baby, Jimmy’s bored attitude about the entire process is depressing to watch. Imagine having to live with it.

“I was really disappointed in Jimmy‘s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process. And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice. Now that I am pregnant he is so happy and excited for our baby girl to come, but at the same time I still think he’s removed.”

Meghan assures us that his outlook will change. But I’m not as optimistic as she is.

“Maybe it’s like our new puppy, Girly Girl. He didn’t want her at all! Now that we have her though, he dotes on her more than me and even wants to wake up for the middle of the night potty breaks!”

Wow. I’m not really sure what to say to that. It’s so sad, it’s damn near heartbreaking, and Meghan is obviously trying to convince herself that everything will be all right. I hope for her sake it will be.

When it came to the 70s party, Meghan was sidelined by her swollen ovaries and had to watch the drama from afar.

Kelly definitely flew off the handle faster than she should have and I thought that there was a lot more lead up to that situation. It seemed like she was throwing out a lot of low blows without hearing out the full story.”

Apparently Meghan still hates Vicki with a red-hot passion, because she takes David Beador’s side in that no-win argument.

“…I didn’t think David was out of line with Vicki. He was being a good husband and defending his wife initially, but then when Vicki provoked him, he let out a lot of pent-up anger from Vicki’s failure to apologize for her involvement in the cancer scam… Of course though, since Vicki won’t apologize or acknowledge her involvement she had no other option but to defend herself… It really is a never-ending fight.”

So do have any pity for Meghan in those sad scenes with Jim? And was David right to go hard on Vicki or should he let Shannon fight her own battles? 


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