RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ A New HOH Is Crowned [Episode 16]

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RECAP: 'Big Brother 18' A New HOH Is Crowned [Episode 16]

Thursday’s eviction episode sent Tin Foil Tiffany packing. The house was also surprised when Julie announced the end of the team twist, BB Roadkill and the biggest twist: A houseguest will be returning.

On Friday there was a special BB episode all about the Battle Back Comp. The first round was between Jozea and Glen. Second round was between Jozea and Victor Third round was between Victor and Bronte and the final round was between Victor and Tiffany. Long story short, Victor won his way back into the house. He also became the biggest target.

This episode starts out with Victor’s return. Everyone looks excited. Victor plans on changing his strategy around and get a better chance at the 500k. Paul goes spaztastic over Victor’s return. BUT he’s cautious. Associating with Victor almost cost him the game. Paulie looks like a seal with a new toy. He hides how he really feels about it. He sent Victor packing so he’s a bit scared. Frank sees Victor as a new ally. Apparently Paulie made everyone take a blood oath to send Victor packing next week.

Victor hasn’t even had a chance to unpack when Frank starts working on him. Frank fills Victor in on how evil Da’vonne is. She’s solely responsible for sending Bronte and Tiffany home. Luckily Paul walks in and immediately knows what Frank’s up to.

Frank and James check in about Victor’s return. James knows what a comp beast Victor is. He’s a little intimidated. He’s uneasy about what Victor will do.

James, Da’vonne and Nicole are game talking in the Safari Room. Da’vonne wants to know if Victor will be the target this week. Nicole shrugs and asks what Da’vonne wants. Of course Da’vonne’s number uno target is still Freaky Frank.

Continuing the Re-entry of Victor reactions, Nicole asks Corey and Frank how they feel about Victor’s return. Frank says he wanted Tiff or Bronte to return. Frank asks what Nicole/Da’vonne/James were talking about in the Safari Room. Nicole spills the beans on Da’vonne. She says Da’vonne still wants Frank out before Victor. Frank says the feeling’s mutual. Nicole putting her innocent act on says she’s not keeping anything from Frank.

Paul pulls Paulie into one of the bedrooms. He says he’s going to talk to Victor and make sure he doesn’t target Paulie. Paulie saved Paul when he was on the block. He’s returning the loyalty. Paul’s going to play on the friendship angle to turn him against Frank.

Worst peptalk ever: “It’s a whole new ballgame. Ya’ll need to step up your game.” Thanks Paulie. You should be the house cheerleader.

Paul and crew start planning how they’re going to turn Victor against Frank. Paul plans on talking to Victor because they have a relationship based on friendship, respect and trust. The others plan on keep the “curly cue” away so Paul can work his magic.

RECAP: 'Big Brother 18' A New HOH Is Crowned [Episode 16]

It’s time for another HOH Competition! “Watch your dubstep” This comp has glowsticks and resembles a rave with a ballpit. Here’s how it twerks: They have to put on a wristband that keeps their hand in the air attached to a string. The string is attached to a BB bit. If their wrists drop too much the BB bit will open and confetti will come out ending the hg party. On top of that they will have a rope going back and forth below to walk over. Last houseguest left “dancing” will be HOH.

It was a really long competition. Over 5 hours and into the daylight. Last three houseguests were Da’vonne, James and Bridgette. Frank tried to convince Da’vonne to drop but she wasn’t buying it. She did get some info out of him. Right before the comp Nicole told him she was coming after him. Da’vonne is hurt by this info. Paul doesn’t want secrets so Da’vonne spills the beans and still refuses to drop. Naughty Nicole denies she said it. She’s a horrible liar. In the end, Bridgette and Da’vonne agree to give James the HOH. He didn’t promise not to nominate them but he did say he wouldn’t. With the HOH key comes his very first kiss from Natalie. GAG ME!

After the HOH comp, Nicole goes into damage control. She tries talking to Da’vonne about the info Frank spilled. Da’vonne says with a straight face she knows Frank isn’t being truthful so don’t worry. Does she trust Nicole? No. She’s keeping her enemies closer.

Natalie’s more excited about this HOH than James. James is just happy he doesn’t have to worry about their safety this week.

Nicole knows Da’vonne didn’t believe her. She tells her boothang Corey she’s done with Frank. She’s given him plenty of chances. She’ll never trust him again.

Bridgette’s in the HN room with Natalie. Maybe because she knows Natalie has some influence about James nominations? Natalie says James won’t put you up. Bridgette is put at ease and “totally fine with it.” Bridgette totally trusts Natalie’s word. They even shake on it.

Paul rallies the troops. He says since Bridgette has proven to be a good competitor why not put Frank and Bridgette up together? He’s saying/doing all this to save his friend Victor from the block.

After Paul gets everyone else off Victor’s scent he pulls Victor into a room to make sure he knows Paul saved his butt. He gives Victor the 411 about the house. Everyone’s against Frank/Bridgette. Victor has to do a little sucking up and lying low.

Frank and Bridgette start talking about the comp. What they should’ve done. What they could’ve done differently. Frank thinks they have a deal with James for safety. Did I miss Frank in that deal?

Da’vonne gets into James ear about nominating Bridgette right next to her leader. If Bridgette wins veto, she’ll be safe and she’ll save Frank. James isn’t sure he should honor the deal he made with Bridgette. The majority of the house wants her right next to Frank on the block.

Victor talks to James about the current game plan. Paul told him the plan was Frank and Bridgette. James doesn’t give him a definite answer. He doesn’t want to piss off the house. Victor says he’s just looking for a fresh start.

After Frank leaves, James is conflicted. He said he wouldn’t nominate Bridgette. The house wants him to put up Frank and Bridgette. Natalie is worried about James not honoring his deal and nominating her fellow former Spy Girl.

Paulie comes in and makes sure the game plan is Frank and Bridgette. James is worried about Natalie being cool with his decision. James still feels bad about going back on his deal. Natalie finally says she’ll support his decision. Paulie says he has James back on whatever he decides.

Frank and James have a little convo in the Safari room. Frank wants to know if his name is being thrown around. James lies and says people want Victor on the block. He says he’s not nominating Frank. Frank talks about how much he likes James and has his back.

James pulls everyone together for the inevitable nomination ceremony. He goes back on his word and nominates Frank and Bridgette. Frank’s pissed James went back on his word and put Bridgette on the block. Bridgette’s just pissed off and her sickly sweet routine didn’t work. Da’vonne is overjoyed her dream is finally coming true.

Find out on Wednesday night who wins the POV. Will it save Frank or Bridgette?

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