Melissa Gorga Explains Why Teresa Giudice Hates Kathy & Rosie & Compares Kim D To A Rat

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Sunday night on Watch What Happens Live, the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga and actor, Michael Rapaport joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse.

We watched a clip of Teresa Giudice mispronouncing whirlwind (world wind) and serotonin (Saratogans). Next, Andy showed a clip of Dolores Catania’s leopard print birthday party. Teresa was supposed to tell a funny story about Dolores, but instead told about the smelly prison sex she’d witnessed. Way to make it all about you, Tre.

The poll question asked if Teresa has changed since her time in “camp.”

Tonight’s episode found Melissa and Teresa actually getting along. Maybe it was because Melissa was wasted after all that champagne at the birthday party, but only a few passive aggressive words were uttered between the two.

We got Michael’s take on the various Housewives franchises. Teresa looked great coming home from prison, and her hair was fab. He liked both Dolores and Siggy Flicker, the new additions to New Jersey. He wasn’t impressed at Bethenny Frankel whipping out her headstand move at the casino restaurant. Luann de Lessep’s engagement is concerning because Tom seems to have a Housewife fetish.

Does Melissa feel any competition between herself and Posche owner, Kim D.?

“I think that every now and again a rat needs to come out of the sewer for a piece of cheese.”

Kim D. gave an interview in which she said Melissa’s relationship with Teresa was fake and Melissa had four nose jobs. Melissa simply repeated her line about rats and cheese.

A caller wanted to know Michael’s life has changed since winning a Bravo award and how he felt about meeting the Housewives.

“Well, meeting the Housewives is always exciting… How has my life not changed since winning a Bravo? Applause when I walk down the street, women open the door for me. I haven’t paid for a cup of coffee all week.”

Danielle Staub was tweeting about RHONJ again this week. She basically called Melissa a liar, saying she was desperate to be on the show [referring to the fact that Melissa and Danielle used to text each other when Melissa and Teresa were on the outs]. Melissa said, “Why is she bringing stuff up from like…that was 2009.”

If Michael had to share a cell, would he rather have Joe Giudici or Apollo Nida as a cellmate? Juicy Joe all the way. It’s a Jersey thing.

Why has Teresa been shutting out her cousins, Kathy and Rosie? They weren’t invited to the Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve parties. Melissa said:

“Well, for Christmas Eve, it was just that we wanted it to be intimate just with her parents. I mean, it was her first day back. For New Year’s Eve, I’m not sure. It was her invite.”

Andy tried again. What is Teresa’s issue with her cousins? Melissa’s answer still didn’t give us many clues.

“I don’t know. I think it’s something you have to ask her. I know it runs through the veins of the family. Things that were said bother her.”

For game time, Bravowood Squares included taglines. Though he claims to be dedicated to watching the franchises, Michael lost.

Andy read one of Kim D.’s tweets toward the end of the show saying Melissa knew all about rats.

The poll results came back with a whopping “no,” — 69% said Teresa hadn’t changed.

So what’s your take. Did her time at “camp,” turn her into a better person? Are she and Melissa getting along for real or is it a Bravo-approved relationship?


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