Luann De Lesseps’ Fiancé Admits To Actions He “DEEPLY Regrets” During His Relationship With The Countess

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Is there trouble in paradise? If you’ve been following The Real Housewives of New York this season, you’ve seen Luann de Lesseps continual gush about her romance with fiancé Thomas D’Agostino. However, her “soul mate” is now admitting that their relationship hasn’t always been the fairytale Luann would like us to believe it is.

“With any relationship, there are always bumps in the road,” D’Agostino told Radar. “We had one misunderstanding that led to actions that I deeply regret. What is important, is that we were able to work through it and we are stronger than ever.”

Could that disagreement be about his serial dating of costars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan? And what are the “actions” he “deeply regrets?” D’Agostino isn’t giving specifics, but he is saying his bachelor days are in the past and Luann is “perfect” for him.

“When you know, you know,” he said of settling down with Luann. “She is perfect for me in every way. I am very much looking forward to getting married.”

D’Agostino is a self-proclaimed “very busy” man, but is he looking forward to taking on the role of stepfather to Luann’s two children, Victoria and Noel?

He said, “Her children were raised with a good upbringing and are young adults.”

Sounds like a no. In the meantime, the wedding is scheduled for this New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, Florida, “with family and close friends.”

For now, D’Agostino spends his time focusing on business.

“I founded a large national company with hundreds of employees and a solid reputation in our industry,” D’Agostino explained. “I am always busy building my business and working on new acquisitions.”


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