Teresa Giudice Betrays Melissa By Revealing Her Drunken Behavior To Joe Gorga #RHONJ

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RHONJ_Teresa Giudice Betrays Melissa Gorga By Revealing Her Drinking To Husband Joe

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice and sis-in-law Melissa Gorga are bonding and blabbing, in a preview clip of Sunday night’s episode.

Fans will witness the forced girly duo, one tipsy half, and one designated, but road-rusty driver. Melissa snarks that she “smells new car” as they pull away from the venue, after climbing into Teresa’s coming home gift — a fancy Lexus SUV. Teresa remarks back that her dear ol’ sis, is kinda wasted.

“You’ve definitely had too much to drink,” Teresa says, adding “you’re like,  slurring,” when Melissa bashes her driving. 

While Jacqueline, Siggy and Dolores climb into their limo ride home, Teresa informs Melissa that she is ratting out her drunken leopard behind to her brother — Melissa’s hubby, lil’ Joe Gorga.

“I am calling my brother, and let him know how much you drink,” announces Teresa, who calls Joe and snarks, “It’s your drunk wife,” when her brother  asks about a background voice.

Meanwhile in the limo, a voice is heard saying, “Every time you see Melissa, just give her a drink.”

Melissa notes that she is a “fun drunk,” and morphs into “Melissa Motherfu**ing Gorga” when she drinks, becoming her own “spirit animal.”

Teresa helps Melissa up to her house, as the clip fades. Did Teresa’s tattletale phone call get Melissa into trouble with her hubby?

Watch a preview above and tune in tonight, as the sister-in-laws do their best to follow the kinder, gentler, but maybe a tad still familiar script.


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