EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Laurita Talks Her “Roller Coaster” Friendship With Teresa Giudice & Much More! #RHONJ

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EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Laurita Talks Her "Roller Coaster" Friendship With Teresa Giudice with AllAboutTheTea.Com

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans will witness Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice connect for the first time, since Teresa’s return from her year-long prison stint.

While Teresa and Jacqueline didn’t communicate while she was locked up in prison, Teresa did message her old friend prior to her release, and called to wish Jacqueline a happy 2016. Previews don’t hint to a positive journey, as the duo seeks to rebuild their on-again, off-again friendship.

Jacqueline spoke to AllAboutTheTea.Com about the new season in a new era of Jersey reality. First thing’s first — what is the status of her friendship with Teresa, along with Teresa’s new better-be-bestie, Melissa Gorga?

“My relationships with Teresa and Melissa are non-existent,” Jacqueline bluntly told AllAboutTheTea.Com.

Fans have reacted positively to Chris and Jacqueline’s open dialogue about the ongoing challenges they face and tackle with their autistic son, Nicholas. What else can we expect to see as Jacqueline’s story unfolds, and the season gains momentum?

“In one, word — honesty,” Jacqueline revealed to AllAboutTheTea.Com. “You’ll obviously see Teresa and I navigating our roller coaster friendship. Ashlee’s engagement. You’ll see some of our journey with Nick. You’ll see a little of CJ coming into his teen years. Fat Santino [Jacqueline’s dog]. Ashlee’s pregnancy announcement. A shift in my relationship with Melissa Gorga.” Jacqueline added, “Such a disappointment.” 

Jacqueline gave us a peek into what the show will reveal about a new business, and the couple’s financial challenges.

“The show will touch on a new start up company of my husband’s [The Little Kernel] — the product is already in over 3,500 stores, after our launch a short time ago!! You’ll see our climb out of our financial struggles,” Jacqueline said.

Jacqueline is a veteran of Bravo’s New Jersey franchise. Will there be any surprises?

“Fans may be surprised how strong I’ve become. I have a low tolerance for BS and disingenuous people, and I’m more vocal about it,” Jacqueline dished.

“I think the fans will love the new energy the new girls bring to the show,” Jacqueline noted. “I think there will be a shift from the stale, overexposed Giudice/Gorga storylines — to the newbies.”

Season 7 may revolve around Teresa — but it appears that Jacqueline’s voice will be heard through all of the felon fanfare. The New Jersey story  continues tonight, as Jacqueline and Teresa reconnect, and a renewed reality begins. 


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