RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Episode 14 “Live Eviction”

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Welcome to another eviction episode of Big Brother. This week has been full of ups and downs for Tin Foil Tiffany. But Da’vonne has also found herself a place in a nomination seat. Natalie‘s nominated but get real. No one finds her threatening and only crazy vs. motormouth matters.

Da’vonne‘s nominated but instead of crying she’s reacting with laughter. She says all week they’ve been scrambling in corners against her. Is she threatening to Frank/Tiffany? She doesn’t see it.

Tiffany exchanged her tin foil hat for a trucker hat. She thinks Da’vonne flipped her hair to rattle her. Tiffany’s positive Da’vonne‘s going to be walking out the door and she’ll be sitting pretty on Thursday. Frank assures his new ally Da’vonne is already cracking. Is he seeing something I’m not?

Da’vonne admits she flung her hair at Tiffany. It’s shade 101. Da’vonne says they’re waiting for her to explode but she’s not giving them the satisfaction.

Paulie sits in the hammock with Da’vonne. Da’vonne says they’re watching her. Paulie says they’re trying to blame everything on her. Da’vonne says they’re going to campaign against her for the rest of the week. Paulie isn’t falling for their antics. He says if the votes are tied he gets to break the tie. He’s sending Tiffany right out the door. Da’vonne‘s going to stay out of trouble this week. The house will send Tiffany home.

Is the newest cuddlemance in trouble? Natalie is making slop. She sends Paul to ask James if he wants some. James says he’s a big boy. He’ll make his own. Natalie thinks he’s being a big meanie. This blows up into their first official fight. Nat doncha think you’re being a bit too dramatic? James does what all guys do when they want to get out of the doghouse He apologizes. Natalie finally admits she has feelings for James. She says it’s obvious. James likes Natalie and Natalie likes James. Bleh. Another showmance.

Frank is on a mission. Send Da’vonne home and save his crazy new ally. He starts with Paulie/Corey in the storage room. Frank tries to play the girls vs guys angle. Common Corey is cracking. He sees why keeping Da’vonne may be more dangerous.

While Frank works on the guys Tiffany works on Nicole. Tiffany throws Da’vonne under the bus with a few lies mixed in. Just to sweeten the keep me I’m not crazy side. Unfortunately, Nicole’s a bad liar and she’s gullible. Yes, Da’vonne had a big mouth about a four person alliance Nicole tried to create. BUT Tiffany hasn’t lied? Big red flag.

Next Tiffany tries working on Paulie. The guy who’s obsessed with sending her home. I guess Frank told her he needs more assurances. Tiffany’s a broken record. Da’vonne has a big mouth. She’s a liar. Tiffany hasn’t ever lied and she keeps secrets. She’s becoming a master at planting doubt and throwing others under the bus for her own benefit.

Da’vonne sees enemies having a “Kumbaya session.” She heads up to the HOH suite, where Zakiyah and Michelle are hanging out. Da’vonne‘s keeping her eyes and ears open but she’s also getting a bit paranoid. Michelle says Frank is probably telling Tiffany to mingle. Apparently there’s this rule about not letting the house know what it’s like without you in it. Is that an actual rule or Da’vonne‘s rule?

Da’vonne‘s trying to stay positive about her future in the house. When James joins her on the couch, she says they need to break the showmances up. Not James. Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie. James sees red. Since he’s now in a showmance, he’s worried about Da’vonne‘s new showmance list.

James pulls Paulie into the Storage Room. He says he doesn’t want to withhold information even though Da’vonne’s his girl. He tells Paulie about his showmance conversation with Da’vonne. Paulie’s getting skeptical about Da’vonne. He’s on the fence now.

Let’s throw Cody and Vanessa in there. Why not since Paulie and Tiffany are just playing similar games?

Cody gave Paulie some advice: No women. Which Paulie didn’t exactly follow. Cody says you have to align yourself with a final 2. He thought that was Tiffany but now he doesn’t think so. Cody says his brother has a good chance of winning because “he’s my brother.” Someone has an over inflated ego.

Vanessa says Tiffany‘s biggest challenge is sharing her DNA. Understatement of the year. She says she played an aggressive game. She calls Da’vonne out for not being loyal. She says the info Tiffany holds let her build a wedge between Da’vonne and the rest of the house and let her start playing a more aggressive game. If Tiffany makes it past this week she can go far.

Who wants to know about the pleading speeches? Da’vonne thanked God, her mom and her daughter. She thanks the other houseguests in advance for saving her BB life and she’s glad she can trust them with it. Natalie looks like a Disney Princess. Tiffany’s speech is totally different. She says she had a wild ride. She’s playing a loyal game and trust your gut.

The Votes

Unanimous- Tiffany was evicted.

Frank didn’t even vote to keep her!

Tiffany hugged everyone (including Da’vonne) and walked out of the house to meet Julie. When Julie asks why she turned her back on the people who saved her, Tiffany blamed one person: Da’vonne. Julie asked how Tiffany’s game went so sideways. Tiffany says she wanted to lay low but that wasn’t happening. She realized she was aligned with the wrong people.

The goodbye messages were interesting. Frank apologized. Nicole says she worked to keep her last week and it blew up. She knows Tiff is telling the truth about Da’vonne. Paulie says she’s a bit too much trouble for his game. Frank wanting to keep her, he questioned Frank‘s campaigning. Da’vonne‘s message was just gloating.  

Tomorrow night the Battle Back Comp will be unleashed on the house. In the meantime, let’s check in with the other evictee’s. Glen‘s the first evictee. He blames his team for letting him down. If he gets back into the game he’ll go after the vets. He is brushing up on his cooking skills. Jozea blames Da’vonne for his eviction. She’s a snake. Still the Delusional Messiah, I see. If he does get back into the game he promises to tone down the cockiness. At least, Victor doesn’t blame anyone for being “evictored.” He should’ve aligned himself differently. If he gets back into the game his number uno target will be Paulie. Bronte’s still Bronte. She promises to be brutal if she gets back into the house.

The team twist and The BB Roadkill Comp are over! YAY! Julie promises more twists to come and secrets to discover.

Tune in tomorrow night for the Battle Back Episode. Then tune in Sunday to find out who won HOH.

The feeds will be down until Friday after the west coast airing of the BB Battle Back episode. Find out how the new twists will affect the house with the live uncensored feeds on CBS.


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