Kathy Wakile Responds To Teresa Giudice’s Insensitive Cancer Comment #RHONJ

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Kathy Wakile is not a happy camper! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is speaking out about Teresa Giudice‘s recent “cancer” comment.

Kathy and Teresa have not spoken since Teresa returned home from a year-long prison stint for fraud. On an upcoming RHONJ episode, Teresa Giudice proclaimed she’s ready to “cut out the cancer in her life” during a sit-down with Kathy and her sister, Rosie Pierri. In an interview with Reality Checked with Amy Phillips, Kathy addressed Teresa’s unfortunate choice of words, after having lost her father to cancer and her daughter’s brain tumors.

“You know what, I found it offensive and I had to stay focused of my mission for that lunch and it wasn’t to fight and she had been through so much and I wasn’t going to fight,” Kathy told Amy.”

Kathy‘s daughter, Victoria Wakile, has dealt with brain tumors along with brain surgeries.

“I have a daughter that has suffered two brain tumors. How do you talk like that to me? My daughter, thank God, she’s great, she’s fine; hers were benign. But how do you even talk like to me? How do you say that?”

The Jersey cousins have long shared a contentious relationship — with Teresa usually throwing jabs and Kathy on the receiving end of her punches.

“I have a lot of cuts in my tongue, constantly biting it. So I just had to put that out there, how do you even say something like that to me? You know my father died of cancer. 


Kathy and Teresa’s difficult relationship stem from squabbles over recipes and old family beefs. Whether it’s an Olive Garden type main course or pretending to be a rich dessert, these two have had conflict for a while. And though Kathy has always been willing to put the past behind and move forward, this time Teresa’s insensitive comment may have gone too far.

“So, it took a lot of restraint to just keep focus of what the mission was of that lunch and it was to try and smooth things out and try and be supportive, that’s all.” Kathy tells Amy.


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