Vicki Gunvalson Addresses Shannon’s Rude Comment About Briana’s Move Back To The OC

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Vicki Gunvalson is seeking to mend friendships on The Real Housewives of Orange County — but her family always comes first. Vicki catches us up via her Bravo blog — on her reality frenemies, and on her true priorities, Briana, her husband, Ryan, and their darling two boys.

Vicki reacts to Shannon’s judgmental comments about Briana, and explains what led to Ryan and Briana’s decision to move their family back to Orange County.

“Wow, I’m in shock watching tonight’s episode on how Shannon weighs in on my daughter moving back to Orange County. She hadn’t spoken to me in many months when this aired, so how dare her comment anything about Briana and Ryan’s decision to move back to CA. What does she know? Nothing!! What is she talking about “strings attached”? We are a family and we do whatever we can to help one another out.”

Vicki forgets to add that her family is none of nosy Shannon’s biz — plain and simple.

“To give you more information about my daughter moving back to CA, Briana and Ryan discussed her moving back before he was released, to get closer to me so I could help her out with the kids and also to be closer to her doctors. They wanted to do this prior to his retirement release date so she could get their new home ready and to enroll the boys in pre-school.”

Vicki updates fans about how the couple is managing the separation, and where the young family sits in their relocation timeline.

“Ryan has been able to come back every few weeks, and she has gone out there several weeks at a time which has actually worked well for them. He is on the home stretch of getting released which is good news. It’s all working out as they planned. Their house just sold in Oklahoma, and their home here in the OC is almost ready for them to move in so now all we need is the release date for him.”

Vicki shares a health update on Briana, bringing us up to date, after Bravo cameras captured the young mother’s upsetting medical crisis last week.

“Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for Briana. She’s had really good medical treatment here in California which is a big improvement from where she was. Briana has decided to keep her health issues as private as possible, however we were filming at the height of her health problems and unfortunately the cameras caught some of it. I am respecting her wishes to not disclose everything, so I ask that you respect that as well. One thing you can do is to lift her up in prayer, because that’s the one thing that can be done when you feel helpless as we do.”

Vicki clarifies some background info about the drive from Oklahoma to California — after fans criticized her for riding shotgun, while Briana was struggling with pain.

“She wanted to start the drive off as she gets extremely car sick, and she wanted me available to help with the kids while she was driving. We have a very close relationship and if there was ever any time where I felt she was not well enough to drive, I would have taken over. We switched off every few hours and our mission was to get her home as fast as we could. The doctors did not approve of her flying, so we did the best we could do under the circumstances. Again, thank you for your concerns and comments, however my daughter is my priority and I would never do anything to put her health in jeopardy.”

Vicki shares about her encouraging friendship with cast newbie, Kelly Dodd.

“As you can see so far, Kelly has been a great friend to me and regardless of what Meghan said that we had only known each other “2 weeks”, it doesn’t really matter to me. Kelly showed compassion for me on what I was going through, where the others did not and we hit it off. To me it’s just negative energy when people can’t accept people being nice.”

Vicki continues to reestablish herself in the dicey reality landscape, but anyone can see where her heart is — and that is with her family. Stay tuned — as the OG of the OC travels back to the 70’s, via a party thrown by the Beadors — minus the peace and love, of course. 


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