RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Tiffany Works On Shifting The Target From Herself & HOH & POV Winners [Episode 13]

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bb18-EPISODE 13

Tiffany lost her last marble an episode ago. Frank thinks he’s running the house and Paulie‘s target is clear. Only 13 episodes in and there’s so much drama I can’t keep up.

Right after the Roadkill reveal reactions are clearly mixed. Nicole’s totally upset her showmance is on the block. Natalie’s crying again because she feels so alone.

Tiffany says she put Common Corey on the block because she wants to shake things up and shift the power. She wants to break up Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey and Nicole. Common Corey thinks Frank won the BB Roadkill comp.

Paulie‘s crew is in the Safari Room guessing who won the BB Roadkill Comp. Corey swears Frank won. He thinks there’s no way Tiffany won because she sucks at comps. Da’vonne knows who really won but she’s mending fences with Tiffmister so she’s keeping her mouth shut. Zakiyah doesn’t care. Tiffany’s going home. Nicole can “read people.” If Tiffany’s hiding something she’s a master. (I say that with a lot of sarcasm.)

Paulie wants to send Tiffany over the edge of the crazy cliff. He tried to “rattle her” before the Roadkill Reveal Ceremony. Did it go as planned? No. Tiff kept it together and accused him of being intimidated by her. Well, guess that went over well didn’t it Paulie.

Tiffany turned her back on the votes that kept her in the house. Frank is loving the new Tiffany. The Tiffany he can control because she’s too crazy to realize she’s being played. They’re hyping up for the POV comp. Nicole really wants to play. Paulie goes all Goodfellas. So sure he’s sending her out the door.

Frank‘s Angels are hanging out. James just happens to be in the room as well when Tiffany starts laying her entire strategy out there. Tiffany feels betrayed. Tiffany’s own actions turned people against her. Paranoia and Tiff’s tin hat assumptions turned people against her. But whatever let Tiff have her crazy theories. Frank’s loving all of this insanity. They betrayed him last week by keeping Tiffany in the house. Now he teamed up with the enemy and thinks he’s running the game.

James decides he needs to lay low and let the two sides take eachother out. They’re both paranoid about Da’vonne and her mouth. She played them against eachother.

Frank tries to gage where Corey’s at. He says he doesn’t want to be on the block. It’s not fun. He swears Tiffany couldn’t have won the BB Roadkill Comp. Frank’s mad because everyone thinks he won. Frank wants to make Corey stays an ally.

Da’vonne is eating her Baked Lays on the couch when Frank decides to join her. It starts as a decent conversation then goes into semi gametalk. Frank tries to pump her for info but Da’vonne stays pretty tight-lipped about it. She plays coy. Da’vonne and Frank whispering on the couch makes the beardmister very paranoid.

Showing his undying loyalty, Paul runs into the bedroom to report to Paulie and Corey how shady Da’vonne is. They think she’s playing both sides of the house. The braintrusts have a feeling about Da’vonne. King Paulie declares If Tiffany wins the Veto Da’vonne is going up.

Paul‘s alter ego “Patty” is making cinnamon toast muffins. Paul’s discovered his new passion for baking muffins. He swears he just burns things down. He’s surprised they taste good, look good and they don’t poison people.

Paulie comes out of the DR for the POV player draw. Paulie, Tiffany, Corey, Natalie, Da’vonne and Paul are the players this week.

Bridgette is so confused about everything going on in the house. Too easy. She is sure the POV draw could’ve gone better. Meaning she could’ve been chosen to defend her leader. Tiffany is using this POV comp to test Da’vonne’s loyalty. Frank gives his best “rah rah don’t let it get you down” speech.

Zakiyah is hosting the POV comp this week. She comes out of the DR and announces it’s time to play the veto comp! The outside is decorated like Willy Wonka’s factory.

Here’s how the comp works: 1 player will step up and challenge another player for an ice cream battle. A specific set of ice cream cones will appear on the screen. The players have to move their scoops to match the screen. They can only move 1 scoop at a time and the scoops can’t touch the ground. When the players think they correctly matched the scoops buzz in. The first player to correctly match the scoops and buzz in wins the round. Loser will be eliminated. Winner will get back in line. The next player in line will step up for the challenge. Last player standing wins the POV.

Corey wins the POV.

Nicole is happy her showmance Corey won but she’s afraid she’ll go up as a replacement nom. She starts crying again.

Da’vonne is petrified. She starts crying. Tiffany notices. She thinks Da’vonne is crying because she’s not on Team Tiffany which totally confuses her. Da’vonne is disappointed in herself. She thinks her game could be screwed because of their stupid decision to keep Tiffany last week.

Corey doesn’t want to rub his win in so he keeps his celebrating to a minimum.

Tiffany put up Corey to split up the other side of the house. Now that he won the veto she has to come up with a bigger target than herself to stay in the game.

Da’vonne is slipping. She knows Frank is the enemy but she says she’s concerned she might be the replacement nom. Da’vonne doesn’t trust Frank or Tiffany. She’s pretty sure she’s at the bottom of the totem pole on both sides of the house. Da’vonne knows Tiffany has to come up with a bigger target. She’s afraid she’ll become the target.

When Frank leaves the bathroom Da’vonne tells Paul he was trying to make her cry.

Up in the HOH Suite they’re celebrating Corey’s win. Paulie holds a meeting of minds. He knows Frank’s going to try and pull stuff. This week’s a done deal. They have the votes to send Tiffany packing. They have to start planning next week. He wants everyone to relax and let this week and Tiffany’s exit play out.

Da’vonne‘s not happy her game is in the hands of the craziest player in the house. She finds Tiffany to ask her what the plan is. When she asks Tiffany says she has no idea. Da’vonne starts to leave but since Tiffany is wearing her tin foil hat again she says Da’vonne is being sketch.

Tiffany says Da’vonne is only worried about herself. She says Da’vonne needs to go on the block. She’s playing every side of the house. James is like wallpaper this week. He says the house is going to get weirded out about Da’vonne. Tiffany says her best option is to put Da’vonne on the block.

Da’vonne walks into the HOH Suite to find out what the plan is. She wants to know so she looks cute. Paulie tries to calm down a very paranoid Da’vonne but the damage is done. The house is turning.

Tiffany hasn’t done enough damage. She decides to tell Frank about The Fatal Five alliance. Icing on top of the cake as far as Frank is concerned. Tiffany/Frank/Bridgette are about to spring into action. Time to turn the house against Da’vonne. Starting with beardmister Paul.

The Veto Ceremony has arrived. Corey removes himself from the block. Because Corey was the BB Roadkill nominee she gets to pick the replacement. The replacement nominee is Da’vonne.

Tiffany is confident she can turn the house against Da’vonne and effectively save herself.

Tune in Thursday night for the live eviction!

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