Peter Thomas Confirms ‘RHOA’ Return, Gives Divorce Update & Explains Other Women #RHOA

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Peter Thomas_RHOA_Wendy Williams Show

Peter Thomas appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday, and told his side of the story behind his split with Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty, Cynthia Bailey. Peter spoke about the challenges of a marriage played out on reality television — but placed not weathering the pressure, squarely on Cynthia.

“Our whole marriage was on the show, and it’s not easy to live that life.”

Peter cited blogs spreading rumors about his private life, and noted that Cynthia couldn’t “deal with the ridicule” and that she wasn’t “built” to hang in there. Wendy asked the obvious — why not get off reality TV, in an effort to save your marriage?

“They don’t pay me to be on reality TV, they pay her,” Peter explained. “They are going to have to work it out,” Peter added, alluding to a new paid position with Bravo.

Cynthia announced her intention to divorce Peter via a statement in the press, and Wendy speculated that Cynthia must have been angry, to resort to the icy maneuver. Wendy asked Peter point-blank, if he was cheating on Bailey, or if he had ever tapped into her funds.

“Never,” Thomas responded to both questions. “When we got together, we did a restaurant, and lost due to the recession. She probably never recovered from that. Peter added, “Cynthia and I don’t even have a joint bank account.”

Wendy played the controversial video, where Thomas was captured getting cozy with a patron at his bar — a likely hard blow to the marriage. Peter stumbled through his explanation, and denied that the scenario was as bad as it looked. He placed part of the blame on being drunk.

“2:30 in the morning and I’ve got that moscow mule in my system, and I’m not thinking about that,” Thomas noted, referring to his reckless behavior.

Wendy called Peter out for being regularly seen in public during the wee hours with Tanesha Scott — his company VP.

“I am real normal. I don’t walk around like as if I am some kind of reality star. I’m not that guy, and everyone who knows me knows that about me. I live my life regular, every day,” Peter explained. “I am the guy who mops the floor in my restaurant, I’m the guy who greets the guests when they come through.”

Peter revealed that he maintains a relationship with Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle, and that they speak often. Wendy asked if Peter was “into” being married.

“I loved being married,” Peter remarked. “I love going to bed with one woman, waking up with one woman. I wear my wedding band proud.”

Peter believes that Cynthia’s longtime single status and fierce independence made it more challenging for her to enjoy married life. He also stated emphatically that Cynthia had never stepped out on their marriage. Wendy challenged Peter on a common cast complaint — that Peter wants his own “Housewife” peach.

“Of course they are going to say that — because I am probably more prolific on camera than they are,” Peter snarked, basically boasting that he runs to drama, rather than from it.

Peter revealed that Porsha Williams is his least favorite peach-holder, followed by Phaedra Parks, citing common negative personas. Peter also revealed that he speaks to Apollo Nida about twice a month, and blasted Phaedra for not supporting one whom she knew had an uphill climb.

“When he came out of jail, she knew that he was just coming out, she knew before he went to jail. She’s getting a check, and she wants to marry him, part of her obligation is to help him out.”

Peter wrapped with announcing that he is a proud Jamaican king, who didn’t need or want Cynthia’s money during their marriage, and will not ask for such, in working out their legal split.

“I don’t want a dime from our divorce. She can have everything.”

Peter confirmed his return to the Atlanta franchise — are you glad that Peter will be back?


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