Shannon Beador Responds To Fans Labeling Her “Mean Girl” Amid Feud With Vicki #RHOC

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Shannon Beador has moved on. No, really. Hey, I hear you scoffing out there, but on her Real Housewives of Orange County blog, Shannon promises us she means it.

“I am not stuck in the past… I have forgiven and moved on.”

Oh Shannon, honey. We’re not believing a word of it. You’re not the type to move on.

“I am not looking forward to having the inevitable conversation with Vicki because I have made the decision I no longer want to have a friendship with her. I don’t make decisions like that lightly… I am tired of Vicki saying that I am making everything about me. I am tired of her calling me “disgusting and vile” which she has done numerous times.”

I think Shannon could be in the same room with Vicki and be civil—mainly because they’re on a show together. Heather’s managed to do it. True, but the supposed level of betrayal went deeper with Shannon.

“I believe that I was lied to for well over a year, longer than any other cast member, because Vicki knew I would defend her to the end. I am a loyal friend and I was the last person standing in her defense. I am entitled to make decisions that are best for me.”

When Shannon calls Vicki on it, things turn ugly.

“Some may say I have no heart. Some may say I am a bitch. Some may say I am a mean girl. I am sorry they feel that way. It’s not about being right or wrong. I don’t want a person that continues to fabricate things and not take accountability for them in my life. I am not going to put myself in the situation to be hurt and used again.”

Again, own it, Shannon. Admit you don’t forgive Vicki. You’re too hurt, and you thought she was a real friend. You’re not over it and you haven’t moved on. And why should you? Just be honest!

So Shannon decides to bury her rage by having a party. When Shannon and Tamra Judge met up for a lunch of grilled chicken and dry vegetables (YUM!) Tamra called Shannon out on the passive-aggressive invitation she sent to Vicki.

“I truly am fine being in a room with her. I also remember how she defended me last year when I wasn’t invited to Meghan‘s party. I want to extend Vicki an invitation, but am having an issue figuring out how to invite her. My initial email was harsh and I am glad Tamra was there to help guide me in softening the invitation.”

And so we wait with baited breath until next week’s explosive 70s party, where Shannon loses her shit.

What do you think? Will Shannon ever be able to forgive Vicki? Surprisingly, Tamra has. I must admit, I didn’t see that one coming.


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