Luann de Lesseps Feels Bethenny Frankel “Lacks Empathy Toward Others” #RHONY

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I refuse to bore you with Luann de Lesseps declarations of love for Tom, and I’ll get right into the meaty part of her Real Housewives of New York blog. Luann has had enough of Bethenny Frankel. Not only does the Countess feel she’s been belittled, she sees that Jules Wainstein has been too.

“Why does Bethenny take out her issues with her mother’s eating disorder on Jules? Would she not want to be around Jules if her mother had had diabetes and Jules had it as well? What about cancer? Does Bethenny not want to be around people with illnesses that make her uncomfortable? I can tell you she doesn’t care about the discomfort she causes by discussing her vagina at every meal.”

Good point. For as many years as Bethenny has been in therapy, you’d think she’d be able to acknowledge her mother’s illness and move past it to have some compassion for Jules.

“We see here Bethenny’s significant lack of empathy towards others. It’s not always about her, but try telling her that. Jules was very brave to share her struggles with us, and we need to use this information not to belittle her but to help her.”

Luann didn’t like the fact that Bethenny had a conversation about Jules…in front of Jules. The same thing happened to Luann at Dorinda’s Berkshire holiday party. I see a pattern here.

Bethenny’s sotto voce discussion in the limo with Dorinda about Jules couldn’t have been tackier. She could overhear everything they were saying!”

When Sonja Morgan hosted a dinner party for her friends and a setup named Rocco, she spruced up that ramshackle mansion of hers and snagged her brother-in-law’s butler. Naturally.

“The dinner at Sonja’s townhouse where she was set up with a man she already knows well was somewhat awkward. Seeing two people flirt in person is different from seeing it third hand. The way her Italian friend fondled his napkin was priceless. Her use of a butler was over the top, but I think she was trying to impress her date with her ex-husband’s family traditions.”

Poor Sonja is still hanging onto her old life with a white-knuckled grip, refusing to let go. Even after ten years, she carried on her ex-husband’s traditions on what was essentially a blind date. Time to let go, Sonja.

I loved the scene on the street between Ramona Singer and Luann. Ramona’s eyes were bulging as she flipped that weave over her shoulder and made goofy faces. Priceless. She stated that you can’t fall in love in four weeks. It takes four seasons to know a man. Luann disagrees, obviously.

“I understand why some of the girls are concerned about me getting engaged to Tom so quickly after meeting him, but in my 50 years I’ve kissed a few toads, and I know when I’m in love…I don’t I commit unless I’m sure.”

Ramona contends that Luann literally snared Tom from another female’s side. The Countess wasn’t having it—asking why her romance with Tom was anyone’s business. Um, because you made it their business with your constant soulmate talk. Don’t bring it up unless you want the other ladies to talk about it. That’s just Housewives 101, no?

“She continually insinuates that I “stole” Tom from his date the night I met him! You can’t steal a man. Tom and I had been single and dating for a while, so when we met, we knew there was a very special connection between us. Marriage is a very serious commitment, and Tom and I come from families that strongly value marriage.”

Is that why he’s been single for the past fifty years? Just putting it out there.

“Since we began dating, we’ve included our families in our relationship. Tom has met all of my family, and my children adore him. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with his parents.”

Well, good for Luann. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to take chances. But what do you think? Will this relationship make it for the long haul?


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