Kelly Dodd Supports Vicki Gunvalson & Feels “Privileged” To Have Her As A Good Friend #RHOC

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Kelly Dodd thinks she’s a comedienne. With gems like “What comes before part B? Part-Ay” perhaps she should keep her day job on the Real Housewives of Orange County?

Kelly also likes Vicki Gunvalson. A lot! 

Vicki is one of the kindest, most considerate people I know. She is a successful entrepreneur and wonderful matriarch who is committed to the people she loves. I feel privileged to have her as my good friend.”

Kelly doesn’t like that the other ladies aren’t as forgiving as she thinks they should be.

“For those keeping score, so far…Heather, Tamra and Shannon have said they forgive Vicki. But, Heather wants to treat Vicki as an acquaintance, while Shannon and Meghan don’t want to rekindle their friendship. In my opinion, that is their loss.”

Is it, though? The women have tried to give Kelly a fair portrayal of Vicki’s behavior last season. Kelly doesn’t want to hear it.

“As I got to know the other Housewives, none of them were shy about expressing their negative opinions about Vicki to me. They told me, “Don’t trust her,” “She’s a liar,” “She is a manipulator.” All of which runs contrary to my experience with Vicki.”

Kelly has a mind of her own, ladies. Just back off and let her whoop it up already!

“…when Meghan coached me to “stay mum,” I took some offense. I am a grown woman and I can befriend whomever I want. If you don’t want my opinion, then don’t try to lobby me with your perspective. Having said that, I do regret saying “Meghan thinks the world revolves around her,” and the dig about millennials. I was upset. I say stupid things when I am upset.”

Kelly has some advice of her own for Heather Dubrow.

“I understand Heather‘s frustration with Terry‘s work and travel schedule. For most of our married life, Michael was always working long hours and traveling internationally six to eight times a year for weeks at a time. Now, however, he is always home and I wish he would go away somewhere. Heather should be careful what she wishes for.”

Brr. That was cold. But not as cold as Jimmy Edmonds frozen sperm.

“I have to say, I am very impressed with Jimmy‘s spermsicles. I just want to know if that was all from one climax or was he dating Rosy Palm for a month? Really? 10 vials? Impressive.”

There’s that Kelly wit again. So what are you thinking about this new addition? Is she a good fit with the rest of the cast? What is her deal with Vicki?!


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