“She’s Erratic!” Jacqueline Laurita Blasts Danielle Staub’s Instagram Rant Attacking Her Mothering [EXCLUSIVE]

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Jacqueline Laurita Blasts Danielle Staub Feud--RHONJ

Danielle Staub isn’t standing in The Real Housewives of New Jersey spotlight, instead bringing the drama from the sidelines — with a little help from Bravo player, Jacqueline Laurita.

Jacqueline spilled on social media Tuesday that Danielle was interviewed and rejected in a bid to return for the current season of RHONJ. Jacqueline offers tongue-in-cheek encouragement, cheering Staub to try try again — IF she is emotionally ready.

Danielle reposted the snark, and blasted Jacqueline on her Instagram page. She captioned the screenshot, “When someone screen shots wacky Jac and tags me in it….When Jacqueline Laurita speaks it’s like listening 100 people with the stomach virus all at once …..Shit flying everywhere! Check your sources JAcko and spend a bit more time on mothering your young children rather than blasting on social media …Andy Cohen #rhonj Bravo ! This sound familiar Jac…”You’ve been served”


AllAboutTheTea.Com reached out to Jacqueline, who responded to Danielle’s tirade. Jacqueline suspects that some old demons could be haunting her former co-star.

“There is seriously something not well with her. She’s erratic and all over the place. Sounds like she may be battling her addiction again. I don’t care what she says, because she is so unimportant in my world,” Jacqueline says. 

Jacqueline explains what has been going on behind the scenes, with the desperate-to-return Staub.

“I understand she wants on the show REALLY bad. She’s been trying for years. In the past, I believe she’s only been asked on the show as a guest,  since she was fired — but with no pay, and that’s why she said no. She’s trying to engage the cast, to cause conflict to make herself relevant again. Bless her heart. I hope she finds peace,” Jacqueline explains, adding, ”Ok, I’ll go back to ignoring her now. Thank you.”

Danielle was a juicy villain during her heyday on the New Jersey franchise, but is likely spinning her wheels in her attempts to rant her way back onto the cast.

Will we hear more from the “prostitution whore” that triggered the table-flip that forever lowered the Bravo bar? Season 7 has just begun!


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