RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Tiffany Wins Roadkill Competition, Nominates Corey [Episode 12]

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Previously on Big Brother….Bronte was evicted surprising the house dictator and his Cabbage Patch Kid. Paulie won his second HOH. Tiffany was saved. The question is will they regret saving Tiffany who claims to be a free agent?

Frank is enraged his minions betrayed him. He claims the girls betrayed him and he’s ready for a fight. His first fight is with Nicole. She genuinely confused the dictator targeted her first since the house flip wasn’t her idea. She did the only thing she could to escape the wrath of Frank. She lied.

So, everyone decides to lie to the dictator and play dumb. No one knows anything.

Meanwhile, Natalie cries about her bestie going home. James tries to comfort her in her time of need. Oh lord why do these houseguests act like the evicted houseguest got some kind of death sentence?

Bridgette aka The Cabbage Patch Kid is watching a very upset Natalie. She’s also pretty upset a Spy Girl went home on her HOH. She’s frustrated.

The dictator is causing some chaos. Tiffany claims Frank targeted her for no reason. Frank blames Da’vonne for saying she was. Let the fighting begin! This is what Big Brother is about! DING DING DING! Tiffany/Frank fight turns into a Da’vonne/Frank fight with half of the house as spectators. Frank did admit he wanted  to target Da’vonne. Big mistake dude. The only thing that came out of all that chaos is Tiffany learns Da’vonne doesn’t really have her back.

Da’vonne needs to do damage control quickly to save her game. She decides to sit down and clear the air with Frank. Da’vonne wants to know when/why Frank started coming after her. Frank says he had a feeling. Da’vonne says all he needed to do was talk to her about it. When Frank asks about the votes, Da’vonne swears she voted Tiffany out. She has no idea about the other votes. She says moving forward they need to start trusting eachother. Frank says he has no choice. Frank says he doesn’t trust Da’vonne. He’s not buying what she’s selling.  Da’vonne swears Frank is still her target. She just doesn’t want Frank to know.

Paulie already has a target. He’s ready to go after Tiffany again. He wants to put Natalie up as a pawn. The save Tiffany crew is having some remorse. She’s a loose cannon ready to explode and make deals with the enemy. (Frank) The room goes quiet when Tiffany walks in. Then people get up and leave. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Tiffany’s freaking out. (Again.) Poor Natalie drew the short straw. She has to listen to Tiffany’s insanity. She feels alone. She’s not safe. Wahhhhh. She may not be cut out for this. She feel’s defeated. I’m so over Tiffany and her insanity.

Tiffany wants to make a deal with the devil. She has nothing to lose. She wants to cause chaos and blow up games.

Da’vonne walks in on the devil and his newest disciple. She immediately walks back out and makes her way up to the HOH suite. She lets the HOH crew know there’s some intense planning going on down there.

When the Tiffany/Frank powow breaks up Da’vonne pulls her into The Safari Room for a little damage control. Tiffany has lost her last marble because she’s starts getting batty first with Nicole then with Da’vonne and Zakiyah. Nicole and Paul eavesdrop outside the door. She’s Vanessa all over again.

Da’vonne takes a BB timeout to let poor Tiffany cry it all out. When Tiffany cries her last tear, Da’vonne gives her some advice. Don’t get too emotional. Use the information you have in the game. She makes amends with Da’vonne for now.  She’s done crying. For now.

Time for Paulie’s Nomination Ceremony. It’s pretty obvious who he’s nominating. He nominates Tiffany and Natalie. Natalie’s an obvious pawn. Paulie says three people wanted her out, but they didn’t have the votes. He doesn’t think the votes to keep her will still be there this week.

Tiffany says Paulie’s safe so she’s going after “Paulie’s minions.” She warns “He better watch out.”

Tiffany decides to continue her emotional rollercoaster insanity spree. She calls Frank into the Safari Room to give him more information about his so-called allies. She says Paulie’s nomination ceremony was fake. Everyone was talking crap about Frank last week. Frank can’t trust any of them. He needs to separate them quick!

It’s once again time to play BB Roadkill. This comp is called “Smell Ya Later.” This comp is hang the color coded air fresheners. If they hit the ground they don’t count. Whomever hangs the most air fresheners in a certain time limit will win the BB Roadkill and the power to nominate a third nominee. Tiffany wins the BB Roadkill with 31 air fresheners.

The houseguests start guessing who won. Tiffany finds Da’vonne in the shower and says Corey’s going to be the third nominee. BUT it has to stay quiet. Tiffany goes into the bedroom to find Satan and his little disciple. Her target changes from minute to minute. Her newest target is Paulie but he’s safe. So, Corey’s the next best thing.

The BB Roadkill nominee is Corey. His strategy is to stay cool and keep it together. His showmance is nervous.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out On Wednesday.

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