Jacqueline Laurita Exposes Teresa Giudice’s Fake Reaction To Her Phone Call #RHONJ

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Jacqueline Laurita, and Billy Eichner joined Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live.

First, Andy showed a Milania Giudice montage. She yelled at the paparazzi, got her brows waxed, and took a snooze under the settee in the entryway. Riveting stuff, Andy.

Next, Billy threw some fastball questions at Jacqueline. While she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery lately, she’d like back fat lipo and her upper eyes done. Also, she likes sprinkle cookies. Her favorite Giudice kid is Milania, who cracks her up. She has a lot of BLK water in her basement, and Chris remains involved with the company. She hopes her grandbaby will call her Glam-ma. She still goes to Posche and talks to Kim D.

Andy showed a clip of Melissa Gorga and Teresa trying to finally squash their beef on Christmas Eve. Took them a while to get there, but they called a truce.

Dolores Catania didn’t want a birthday dinner, but rather a reunion dinner. She specifically asked for Jacqueline to be invited. Andy thought Dolores looked like Dina Manzo, and Jacqueline agreed.

“Yes. She looks like Dina to me with a little bit of Caroline…it’s like she’s the perfect combination of the two of them.”

In a sneak peek of next week’s episode, Teresa and Jacqueline come face to face for the first time in years. Teresa said that since she was away at “camp” she learned that she’s supposed to forgive.

Andy thought Jacqueline seemed a bit standoffish when Teresa called on New Year’s Eve.

“At that time, my guard was up just because I hadn’t heard from her in so long and then the note…but it was when she said, ‘Oh, do you always answer the phone on speaker,’ knowing when we film a reality show you’re on speaker. So I thought, like, she’s trying to throw me under the bus, and that turned me off immediately. That’s when my walls went up.”

Billy played a celebrity version called Who’s More Difficult to Work With. Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and Tyra Banks made the list. He admitted his favorite Housewife is Lisa Rinna.

Danielle Staub tweeted that though Andy has asked her several times to return, she wasn’t ready. Now she is. What’s Jacqueline’s take?

“Okay. She changes her mind every other day.”

What is the status of Jacqueline and Dina’s relationship and what does she think of Black Lives Matter?

“Well, Dina, I saw her about two years ago. She came over for Thanksgiving. I saw her at Christmas. And we haven’t been in touch. Well, actually, she reached out to me not that long ago. We’re peaceful. She lives in California now, and Black Lives Matter.”

Why did Jacqueline cry for Teresa when she was released, but mocked her voice when she received Tre’s note?

Teresa and I have a thirteen year history together. So we’ve had this roller coaster relationship where we left off when I left the show, we’d agreed to move forward with the friendship. The cameras were off, she wanted nothing to do with me. She publicly said, ‘I’m not interested in the friendship. I don’t miss it.’ I moved on from then. So when she reached out to me two weeks before we started filming and two weeks before she got out of prison…this is for TV…”

The game of the night involved summer Santas with hidden Christmas-themed items in their shorts. If you guessed nutcrackers and you’d be a winner.

So what did you make of tonight’s episode? Can Jaqueline and Teresa ever repair their friendship? And should they?


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