RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ A Blindside & Cow Manure Diss Sends Houseguest Packing [Episode 11]

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Da’vonne and Frank. Which team are you on? It’s eviction night in the Big Brother house. Frank and Bridgette want Tiffany to go. Da’vonne wants to shake things up and flip the vote. Which Veteran houseguest will come out on top?

After the Veto ceremony, Frank’s confident he’s running the house. Everything’s going according to plan. Is it?

Paul’s spazzy opinion doesn’t particularly matter since he’s the smallest target on the block right now. He’s ready to say audios to one of the girls.

Bronte thinks she’s safe. She says if people are lying to her they deserve an Academy Award.

Da’vonne says Tiffany has driven her up the wall. But she sees Tiffany as a weapon against the very powerful Frank. So, it’s time to get to work. Her first stop is James and Michelle. She gives her best rah rah let’s keep Tiffany speech. James is receptive. The 8-Pack is no more and he says Frank’s behavior is partially to blame. Michelle says she’s willing to go along with Da’vonne’s hairbrained plan. #Gameon This is how Big Brother is played.

Next, Da’vonne uses Michelle to recruit Nicole. Nicole says Tiffany wouldn’t put them up, so why not?

Da’vonne needs 1 more vote. Zakiyah’s the next stop on the save Tiffany and screw Frank train. Zakiyah’s willing to do whatever the majority wants. She’s “about it.” Which is slang for I’ll be your puppet Da’vonne.

Zakiyah wants Paulie onboard. Paulie’s not going for it. He thinks Tiffany’s the bigger threat. He gives her some tidbits to chew on. Tiffany’s an over emotional player. He’s thinking long term.

Looking at their clothes it seems Zakiyah, James, Common Corey, Nicole and Paulie are hanging in the backyard the same day. James asks who they’re sending out the door on Thursday. Then he goes on a motivational rant about voting out your team members and respecting opinions. It turns into comedy when Nicole asks what he’s doing and James answers “Playing Big Brother. What are you doing?” Okay James. Whatever you say. Back to the real problem. Common Corey has an opinion. His opinion matters as much as a piece of dirt on my shoes but since it’s so rare I’m ready to hear him out. Paulie is the only dissenting opinion. He’s still against keeping Tiffany.

Here’s why Paulie wants Tiffany gone. She’s over emotional. Her sister kicked ass and took names last year. She’s a strategist. She’s more likely to win competitions. Send Bridgette home and the other 2 Spy Girls will be sitting ducks. She has no loyalties. As soon as Frank goes Tiffany has to find a new target. He totally confuses Nicole.

*Internally Screaming* Frankie Grande in the audience. Big Brother wants to kill me.

It took less than a month for the 8-Pack to crumble. The “returners” are turning on eachother. Frank’s planning his next target. Da’vonne. Of course he has his little groupie Bridgette. She’s ready to win everything and hand it over to him.

He goes to Nicole about targeting Da’vonne. She’s not good at “Big Brothering” (not my term) because she doesn’t know when she’s being played. She does realize Da’vonne and Frank are targeting eachother and she’s “confused.”

Frank is playing hardcore now. He’s ready to team up with Bridgette, Common Corey and Nicole to create a new alliance to serve his new purpose. Nicole thinks they should create a “secret” alliance.

Nicole does something smart for once. She warns Frank not to talk to Michelle about his new plan. BUT Mr. Know-It-All thinks he knows best.

He doesn’t listen to Nicole’s warning because Frank knows best. He talks to Michelle about targeting Da’vonne. We do get a Michelle DR so it benefits the fans. She sees right through Frank. She runs straight to Da’vonne letting her in on dictator Frank’s new plan.

Frank also put Nicole on blast. Nicole’s too happy when Michelle volunteered that piece of info. What does Nicole do? She lied but Da’vonne sees through Nicole’s lie. Nicole now has no desire to ever work with Frank.

Nicole is now onboard with keeping Tiffany. Michelle says they need to stick to their vote. Paulie will be pissed. I think she’s forgetting how pissed the house dictator Frank will be. Frank’s trying to play Dan’s game with Cody’s skills. It’s painful to watch.

Nicole/Michelle team up and convince Paulie to keep Tiffany. For some reason Nicole runs off to get her sidekick Common Corey. Why? He wants to keep Tiffany.

Paulie starts putting his three brain cells together and decides Michelle/Nicole may have a point.

I guess it’s time for the save me speeches. Paul’s speech is all spazzy and pointless because he’s not going anywhere. Tiffany’s speech is honestly awesome. She starts talking about the dictatorship going on and how they rarely work. She says she’s not targeting anyone except “the dictator and his little cabbage patch kid.” Wow. Slow clap. Bronte’s speech is fast forward worthy. Her sickly sweet annoying girl next door attitude just makes me wanna puke.

  • Voting Out Bronte: Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, Corey, Da’vonne
  • Voting Out Tiffany: Frank, Natalie, James, Paulie
  • With 5 votes to evict- Bronte is evicted.

On the bright side, no more Bronte DR’s! Dictator Frank and his Cabbage Patch Kid are totally shocked. Frank immediately wants to know what happened.

Bronte says if she could change anything she wouldn’t trust Jozea and Victor. She also thinks the target on the house changed. The house wants Frank gone so she had to go. She’s going to go home and resume her career as a Math genius.

The power is up for grabs. The houseguests had to study the memory wall filled with pictures of their evicted houseguests. The HOH comp is named “Euro Trippin” They have to answer questions with “True” or “False.”

Paulie wins HOH for a second time. Team Category Four is safe again. That means Frank is once again safe.

Will Paulie listen to “The Dictator” or will he think about his own game?

Find out on Sunday!

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