RECAP: Real Housewives of New York — Jules Wainstein Unleashes On Bethenny Frankel Over Her Eating Disorder

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All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-new york-season 8

We pick back up with The Real Housewives of New York at Dorinda’s dinner, where Luann is exiting, after Sonja blurted that she had been bumping uglies with her boyfriend for ten years. The ladies begin their post-blowup analysis, as Bethenny gets in her jabs, and Dorinda waves her arms around, in a pre-drunken rant. We see a glimpse of the old Ramona, when she pushes Bethenny’s bossy opinion away, while texting  Luann her regret. Bethenny, natch, throws an insult at Ramona, to punish her for her unacceptable insubordination. Sonja is revered for her slut-prowess, but Sonja doesn’t accept the award, because her Tom-time has always been discreet.


Jules tries to shut down the blather, and Carole refuses, noting that relentless tear-downs are what they all do best. Bethenny assures Jules that she is happy for Luann, just a bit peeved that Luann shunned her bloody fibroids during their last meeting. Jules jumps on the opportunity to blast Bethenny for being an all-around bitch, then lays into her for implying that she’s stupid. Jules asserts that Bethenny’s behavior is “not nice,”—always the generous soul. Bethenny lashes back, equating an off-kilter peek into Jules’ disturbing calzone as a fair comparison—revealing that the ‘B’ is actually rattled. Jules reminds Bethenny that her sense of humor is nasty and selfish, proven accurate by the clenched faces all around her. Jules then accuses Bethenny of gossiping about her marriage, which Bethenny denies. Dorinda flaps and slurs, and Jules just wants validation for not dissolving into a pile of bony dust.

All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-new york-season 8

Bethenny blasts Jules back, insisting that it works her last fibroid to be in her presence. She doesn’t want to get involved, due to her childhood with a mentally ill mother—putting a new emotional load on the already burdened Jules. Jules admits to an ongoing battle with bulimia, and Sonja commends her vulnerable honesty. Dorinda finally picks a lane, and calls Bethenny and Carole insensitive to Jules’ eating issues. Bethenny pulls off making another’s mental illness about HER—noting that she impressively resists puking up her Skinnygirl products, whenever Jules triggers a memory.  Ramona is sick of the verbal barf, and suggests that they get away from it all, on a trip to Mohegan Sun. Ramona is the official mood lightener, and doesn’t get why mental illness has to be so damn serious.

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Luann meets up with Ramona, and after a sniffles update, Ramona expresses her disappointment in Luann—for not appreciating her exceptional mediating efforts. Ramona reminds us that all of her friends should know that she’s a verbal backbiter—but always a pal. Ramona advises that no one should rush into marriage, citing a “whole lifetime” ahead of Luann—or 25 years, give or take. Luann assures her that she knows when a guy is the real deal, and to butt out of her midlife beeswax. Luann says that while she doesn’t care about Tom’s boinking history, she is annoyed by Ramona tossing her clip-ins into the gossip.

Ramona claims that her runaway yapper is a product of her disappointment in Luann, due to her snatching her dream-Tom from another’s grip. “Girl Code” was violated, and Luann should be flogged, not rewarded with a husband. Luann clarifies that Tom was a free agent, and that he was a willing participant in the Girl Code debacle. Tom and Lu were instant magic—and the other chick’s hand just needs to get over it. Things aren’t fine with Luann and Ramona, but Lu’s happy that neighing Carole isn’t begging for an apology anymore. Luann isn’t going on the gambling jaunt with the girls, but wishes Ramona luck with leading the crazy group.

All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-new york-season 8

Dorinda shows up at Carole’s, where Adam is cooking up a recipe for herbal relevance. Bethenny shows up to discuss her fibroids, and complain about her stressful existence. The group begins to rehash the night before, and Dorinda jumps sides again, not defending Jules. Bethenny is appalled that Jules raised her voice at her—forgetting how her own airhorn blew everyone out of the Berkshires. Adam serves mixed weeds on a birdseed crust, and the ladies swoon over the the chance to break their teeth on the heart pizzas. 

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We jump to Sonja’s, where she is planning a dinner party, with Dorinda, Jules, John and Michael on the guest list. Jules is bringing a date for Sonja, an Italian prospect named Rocco. Sonja has a butler on loan, and she uses the entertaining opportunity to train a new intern. Dorinda and John arrive, followed by Jules and a freshly sprayed down and after-glowing Michael. Rocco appears, and Sonja makes her grand entrance.

Sonja knows Rocco, and is relieved that he didn’t bail, considering his vast knowledge of world-wide everything. We learn about Sonja’s historical sheet-sized napkins, reliving her rich background with extra-large linens. Rocco seems to appreciate her effort towards old-school luxury, and Jules is excited that she may have nailed a match. The group discusses the blowout with Bethenny, and Jules notes that Bethenny probably has issues stemming from being a textbook bitch. Dorinda defends Jules, not mentioning that she defended Bethenny and Carole, when they were the ones in the room. Jules doesn’t trust Bethenny and Carole, and vows to never chew in their direction again. Jules is going to Mohegan Sun, because she is always up for fun, as long as she can keep her distance.
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The women gather on a party bus, and Ramona is excited, because without Luann, it may actually be fun. Ramona bellows her greetings, as the women show up, one by one. Sonja has had dental surgery, and is drugged and giggly, and Bethenny muses that she actually likes a tipsy  Sonja. There is tension between Jules and Bethenny, due to Jules’ mental illness making Bethenny’s life stressful. The group hears that Luann is officially engaged, and have the gall to complain about hearing the news from the internet. Bethenny snarks, and Writer Girl recites a dramatic congratulations entitled, “Farewell to Life’s Bumpy Road” from her phone. 

Luann scored a snazzy rock, and the girls titter about the announcement. Sonja alludes to being less than thrilled that she is losing her two favorite partners, as Bethenny begins to chatter about Jules, while sitting a few feet away from Jules’ rolling eyes. Dorinda tries to play both sides, but exhausted, decides to drink instead. A tipsy Bethenny blathers her regret for blasting Sonja out of her office and the Bravo spotlight—asserting that she felt enraged—but somehow not threatened. Bethenny is happy that Sonja is no longer “completely deranged,” and Sonja is so relieved that she noticed.

All About the Tea_real-housewives-of-new york-season 8

Next week the girls gamble and an engaged Luann shows off her sparkler. Until next week!


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