RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Spy Girls Get Information [Episode 10]

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What’s been happening in the Big Brother house? The 8-Pack is pretty much donzo. Frank is pulling the strings of current HOH Bridgette. Da’vonne is pissed off about Frank’s porky ways, and who the hell cares what any of the newbies are doing because the vets are so busy eating the weak link. Phew that was a mouthful.

We’re almost a month in and the house isn’t divided between newbies and vets anymore. Tiffany and Paul were nominated by HOH Frank Bridgette. Bronte was nominated by the BB Roadkill winner, and she’s all dramatic about it. *insert eyeroll* She thinks the Roadkill winner is Paulie who has some kind of vendetta against her. Frank says he nominated Bronte as plan B. If Tiffany wins the POV Bronte will get sent out the door. Of course, he’s doing it for the alliance.

Que the Vanessa inspired paranoia. Tiffany’s foil covered antenna’s are up. She’s asking Paulie if she’s the target this week.

The HOH  party is over now that Bronte is nominated. The hot Cheeto store is closed. Bridgette is upset her fellow Spy Girl was nominated. She says if she wins POV she’s pulling Bronte off the block. She even pinky swears and in Powerpuff World that’s hardcore.

Frank, the Roadkill winner, continues his Anti-Tiffany campaign. This time he turns to former enemy Paul. Frank promises Paul he’s safe. Paul goes all spaztastic, douchenozzle in the DR. Geeze you figure he would be grateful or something. He doesn’t trust Frank and he’s going to win the POV all on his own.

Bronte continues to be all dramatic about going on the block. She’s so alone and que the sob story music. Girl, it’s day 29. Calm down or you’ll have your underoos in a knot by day 60.

The Spy Girls have a powderpuff slumber party. *Barf* They decide to tell eachother secrets that aren’t important. Bronte announces she’s some kind of Math genius. Why does this shock them?

Frank interrupts powerpuff girl time to make sure they don’t know he won the BB Roadkill comp. In the same sentence he tries to comfort Bronte and throw Tiffany under that Big Brother yellow bus. He offers to play POV and save Bronte if he wins. He says he wants to respect Bridgette’s HOH.

Da’vonne and James are hanging out in the HN room. James spidey senses are going off again. He says Frank is trying to align with the Spy Girls. They agree The Spy Girls won’t fall for Frank’s charm. They aren’t dumb. James wants to tell them who really nominated Bronte.

I don’t understand why they need working phones. Natalie calls James from the HOH suite because I guess she’s having cellphone withdrawals. James gives Natalie a cryptic message about the Roadkill winner. Natalie guessed who it was without James saying Frank’s name. Natalie starts putting pieces of the Frank puzzle together. Natalie promises she won’t tell her fellow Spy Girls about Frank’s sneaky moves.

Since Natalie can’t let her fellow Spy Girls who won the Roadkill Comp, she resorts to a feminist peptalk of some sort. Bridgette is totally under the Frank spell. Natalie drops hints about what Frank’s real intentions. Bridgette starts whining about not trusting James. Time to mute and countdown till Bridgette’s no longer HOH.

Time to pick players for the POV Competition. Bridgette, Bronte, Tiffany, Paul, Natalie (chosen by Bronte) and Paulie.

The 8-Pack girls aren’t happy with the POV picks. Da’vonne, always looking on the bright side of things, explains why the POV picks are sucky. I think they make some kind of pact to throw Corey under the bus if one of the nominees is taken off the block.

Da’vonne walks out of the DR and announces it’s POV Time! All the players need time to put on whatever dumb costumes go along with it. Apparently this competition is being sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. Natalie has to do some stupid dance moves and scream.  

The Outback POV Comp goes like this: In each round, the players will be shown a recipe containing several ingredients. They’ll be told to pour a specific ingredient into their measuring cup. If they pour the correct ingredient, they will advance to the next round. If they pour the wrong ingredient, the recipe will blow up and they’ll be eliminated. The last person standing will win the POV and their team will enjoy an Outback Steakhouse dinner.

First Round Bronte and Natalie are eliminated. Bridgette is the only Spy Girl standing. Natalie, you want some whine with that cheese? Paulie blew up the second round. Tiffany won’t be repeating her sister’s POV win. Corey, James and Frank make it obvious who the target is by celebrating Tiffany’s elimination. Bridgette and Paul compete in the last round. Paul blows up and Bridgette’s successful week continues. She won POV and team Category 4 will enjoy the Outback Steakhouse dinner. Paul’s pissed. He looks like a unicorn threw up on him so it’s worth watching.

Frank and Bridgette try doing a celebration dance but Bridgette falls and hurts her ankle. The boys have to carry her to the DR.

Paulie makes fun of the glitter beardmister. Spoiler alert: There’s a Frankie cameo. They’re killing me tonight.

Tiffany has a breakdown in the DR because she’s Vanessa’s sister of course! She has a rep to uphold.

Natalie has to convince Bridgette not to use the veto on Bronte. Natalie is afraid she’d be the replacement nominee. Natalie almost lets her little secret slip out but she saves herself. They come up with a game plan before Bridgette decides if she’s using the veto.

Natalie leaves the HOH suite. Bridgette and Bronte are suspicious she’s withholding information.

Bronte thinks Natalie was given information by James. She decides to try and get James to spill the beans. She tries to talk to James with her shirt up and bra showing. Is she trying to sway him because I’m pretty sure James has seen a bra before. James just evades the question. He’s isn’t impressed by Bronte’s boobs I guess.

Bridgette announces team Category Four will enjoy a nice Outback Steakhouse and she’s allowed to invite another team to join them. She chooses Team Big Sister. It’s Bridgette’s little birthday present to Zakiyah. She also wants Da’vonne and Frank to kiss and make up. The dinner is hosted by the guy from the Outback Steakhouse commercial with the hot Australian accent. Yum!

Another James/Natalie flirting segment? My quota is one per episode. Natalie and James both feel bad because they had to lie to Bronte. This is Big Brother right? They agree Frank is the master manipulator. He’s playing Bridgette like a puppet.

Speaking of puppets, Frank is hanging out in the HOH suite with Bridgette. Frank spills his own secret. He won the Roadkill comp. Bridgette is convinced Frank put up Bronte because he knew she would be safe. Bridgette promises not to tell Bronte. So for the viewers at home, Bronte is the only Spy Girl who doesn’t know Frank put her on the block.

Will Bridgette use the POV? Well, the 3 nominees give their little speeches. Bridgette does a dramatic pause. Then she decides not to use the veto.

Enough with Bronte’s DR’s already! Paul compares his game to antibacterial soap. He’s 99.9% chance he’s staying. An obvious disheveled Tiffany isn’t sure who she can trust. She then starts crying. Again.

Tune in Thursday for the live eviction and chenbot’s latest outfit.

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