Carole Radziwill Attacks Jules Wainstein On Twitter Over #EatingDisorderGate

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Jules Wainstein has had enough, and isn’t letting the mean girls on Real Housewives of New York, overrun her story.

Jules unleashed on Bethenny Frankel during last night’s episode, and Bethenny’s sidekick, Carole Radziwill, was drawn in — called out for gossiping about Jules’ eating disorder behind her back. Carole noted that yapping about each other is normal, and that Jules shouldn’t speak out about her illness, if she didn’t expect “out of concern” whispering.

Jules posted a to-the-point blog today, and Carole went off on Twitter — blasting the rookie, as well as some outspoken fans. Carole clearly doesn’t want another “writer girl” stealing her thunder.

Carole launches into lofty criticism of Jules, and her decision to expose her struggle on television.

Carole responded to an affirming fan, insinuating that Jules is publicly navigating her eating disorder irresponsibly.

A fan blasted her lack of empathy, and Carole snapped back.

Another fan asked Carole where her real problem with Jules lies.

Fans have seen outspoken about Carole’s lackey relationship with Bethenny Frankel—a controversially nasty allegiance. One fan nailed it—and a triggered Carole, lashed back.

Evidently the admittedly struggling Jules Wainstein is like a gnat in the face of the #2 bully on Bravo’s NY stage. Keep speaking truth Jules—LOTS of fans are cheering you on!


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