Shannon Beador Is Frustrated With Kelly Dodd “Kelly Keeps Trying To Get Involved” #RHOC

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Shannon Beador, of the Real Housewives of Orange County, is still trying to move on after her husband, David’s, affair. Literally. But that damn house just won’t sell.

“Our house has been on the market for a while and we have been in and out of escrow. It can be quite frustrating. At the beginning I would find a house that we were interested in moving to, and when our home fell out of escrow, the other home would sell. At this point, I am not even going to look at other homes until I know our sale is truly going to close.”

She’s not looking for a turnkey property, though.

“I enjoyed the entire building process but did not enjoy the length of time it took. My goal is to purchase another house with good “bones,” strip it down, and put our own finish on it.”

The family is divided on their new home.

“My girls are very particular about the type of home they want to live in. Sophie is the only child that has any traditional taste. Stella and Adeline want a completely modern home— nothing like our current house!”

And in case you were wondering why Shannon’s daughter had on so much makeup in the last episode:

“…you may remember me taking the girls makeup shopping last season. The twins do not wear makeup and Sophie sometimes wears mascara, but that is all. When I had the conversation with my daughters about moving, Sophie had just arrived home from the dress rehearsal of her school play where they applied very heavy makeup.  Just want to be clear that my child does not go out in public…”

With that out of the way, we can get to the dinner with Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Kelly Dodd. By the way, who’d have thought Heather and Shannon would ever be such good friends? Never saw that one coming.

“Dinner was fun with Tamra, Heather, and Kelly. Once again the non-stop topic of Vicki came up and I am frankly tired of talking about her. Kelly keeps trying to get involved, and she doesn’t know even a fraction of all that happened between Vicki and the three of us last year. Kelly should just focus on her growing friendship with Vicki and stop dwelling on a past she had nothing to do with.”

According to Heather on Watch What Happens Live, Kelly and Vicki have bonded over their bad taste in men. But watching Kelly try to stand up for Vicki when she wasn’t around last season is frustrating.

And now for the beach party. I decided Vicki was wearing that fur vest because she knew she’d get the cold shoulder from the other ladies.

“Hearing bits and pieces of Vicki and Tamra’s conversation just frustrates me because I can hear that Vicki is once again trying to make excuses and deflect everything that happened last year. I’m glad to see that she and Tamra have reached a peace with each other. They have a long history.”

Shannon and Vicki will hash it out next.

Vicki talks to me next week. And it wasn’t a fun conversation. Tune in…”

It looks like Shannon and David are in a better place. I’m thinking that Shannon is always wary of the new girls. She seems territorial. Thoughts?


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