Ramona Singer Fired From Hair Extension Company Over “Diva Behavior” — Ramona Responds! #RHONY

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Ramona Singer_RHONY

Ramona Singer has found herself in a hairy situation. The Real Housewives of New York star has reportedly angered the hair extension company she partnered with and has been released from her contract for her “diva behavior.”

Victoria Flores, the woman responsible for setting up Lux Beauty Club before bringing Ramona into the company, ended their business relationship last week in a “blistering email” telling her “You are not Angelina Jolie,” according to Page Six

Lux Beauty Club’s Instagram page confirmed Ramona‘s firing in a shady post, “Ramona fired for diva behavior! Bye bye Felicia! #Hairextensions#harmonfacevalues #rhony #pagesix#firesale,” the IG post captioned.


After a promotional appearance, Flores called Ramona a “let down.” An insider said that Ramona had also not been successful in bringing in the other housewives. Ramona was “trying to get [the cast, including Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel to] try the hair.” But that didn’t work out.

“We were incredibly disappointed with your attitude at Harmons and our [return on investment] on you has been less than overwhelming,” wrote Flores. “I can’t build a business with someone that fights me on everything I need them to do, and I want to partner with people that care about my business and are not motivated by blinding greed. This isn’t working out for me anymore.”


And if that didn’t sting enough, Flores got personal.

“You have been nothing but disrespectful . . . We would have never agreed to bring you on as a Brand Ambassador if we had been [a bigger company] . . . I would have given [a household name like] Rita Ora a part of my company, NOT Ramona Singer.”


Ramona asserts she was “duped” by Lux Beauty Club — who “can’t afford” to pay her, and the firing stems from non-compensation.

“If being a ‘diva’ is asking to be paid for work done, then everyone should be a diva,” Singer, 59, tells Us Weekly. “I didn’t know by asking to be paid for the work that I have done and fulfilling my contractual obligations makes me a diva. They clearly can’t afford to pay me and have no capital. I have been duped. Had they paid me, we would not be in this situation.”

The mom of one continued, “Over the nine months I have worked for them — getting them press, posting about them on my various social media accounts, name-dropping them on several national TV and radio programs (likeWWHL and Jenny McCarthy’s radio show) — I have been only paid $1,000.”


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