Melissa Gorga Says “Last Year Was One of the Hardest Years For Our Family” #RHONJ

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After a long absence, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back. Melissa Gorga enjoyed having a break. (I guess she’s blocked out Teresa Checks In. I tried to, but the image of Milania shaving Juicy Joe’s back is forever burned into my brain.)

“As much as we love sharing our lives with you, Joe and I really did enjoy not having the cameras around for a while… Our kids have so much going on now that they’re getting older, we just want to soak up every single second with them as much as we can.”

Though they built a new home, they decided to sell it and stay put. Anyone need a Gorga-style mansion? There’s one for sale in Franklin Lakes. You’ll have great neighbors like the ham-tossing Manzos and Kim G. who might follow you out of a restaurant, yelling, “square tits,” all the way. Maybe Kim D. will ask you to walk in the yearly Posche fashion show. Enticing, no?

“As you can see we are back in our house in Montville and we couldn’t be happier. It is our home! We have been in that house since Antonia was two-years-old and the boys were born there.”

Melissa is just your typical mom, doing mom things like wrapping gifts and watching her son score touchdowns. 

“One of my favorite moments from last night’s episode was Gino‘s football game. I absolutely loved seeing Joe coaching… As parents, these are the moments that matter to us. Gino is turning out to be an incredible athlete. I live for going to his games and love being a football mom!”

But of course a gal needs something she can call her own. And I’m not talking about that music studio in the basement that’s gathering dust.

“It’s also super exciting that you will get to see my new boutique Envy be built from the ground up… Joe didn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t into the idea of me opening up a clothing store. He felt that retail was down and that it would be too time consuming. He didn’t want to invest money into the store, so…I found a great partner, Jackie Robinson, who already owns a boutique in Florida and decided to make it happen on my own.”

Still, she put Joe’s muscles to good use.

“I asked Joe if I could hire his company to do the remodeling. He accepted, and yes, I paid him! I can’t wait for you to see how we got the boutique ready because it was not an easy road working together!”

In other news, Jacqueline is back this season.

“This episode also gave us an update on Jacqueline and her family. It was good to see all of the progress they have made and Nicholas is truly such an amazing little boy.”

And here’s to the star of the night, felonious Teresa Giudice and her electronic ankle bracelet.

“I will say, she definitely is a strong woman. She got through it and watching her walk through the door and see her children was another favorite moment from the episode. It was so emotional, so heartfelt, and I cried happy tears to see her hugging her girls, back in her home where she belongs. I love how the girls jumped into her arms.”

But have Melissa and Teresa come to a ceasefire? Or are they still bickering over sprinkle cookies?

“Last year, Joe and Teresa were emailing each other to keep up-to-date on the family and I was sending her pictures of her girls and her parents and writing her letters telling her I was praying for her. Before Teresa came home, I didn’t really have any contact from her, so I had no idea what was going through her mind or how she was feeling about me and our relationship.”

But Melissa is ready to put all the nonsense behind her.

“I have to say that last year was one of the hardest years for our family. While Teresa was away, everyone was worried for her and wanted to make sure that she was doing OK, but our main concern was her daughters. It was a time for everyone to open their eyes and see that life can change at any minute…”

So what do you think? Is Melissa’s new business venture going to be a success?


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