Heather Dubrow Slams Teresa Giudice For Lack of Remorse After Prison Stint On #WWHL

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From the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow, and actor, Rob Corddry joined Andy Cohen for the return of Watch What Happens Live. Andy’s fancy pants moment of the night showed Heather picking out the shape of her ice for the new outdoor kitchen. Andy just bought an ice-maker and got boring square ice instead of posh hexagonal, but Heather gave him a pass.

“Squares are great; that’s what Terry wanted. I know it’s ridiculous, the ice thing, but let’s just say you did have a few ice makers, and they gave you a choice, wouldn’t you think about it?”

Next, Andy quizzed Heather on her still unfinished house. No, she hasn’t moved in. Though she does keep a running total, she’s over budget. She has at least four or five different shapes of ice throughout the house. Terry wound up loving the tree art, and Heather’s favorite room is her closet. No, Terry hasn’t christened his pot smoking balcony. Yet.

Andy asked her to explain her porte-cochère to Rob.

“I know everyone thinks I’m being ultra-fancy because it’s this thing you drive under, but where I grew up, in Westchester county, our middle school had a porte-cochère…and your mom would say, ‘I’ll pick you up under the porte-cochère’. So if you live in Chappaqua and you went to Bell Middle school, you’ll know it’s the porte-cochère . It’s really fabulous, though.”

One of Andy’s favorite moments of the night was the drive Vicki Gunvalson and her daughter, Brianna, made from Oklahoma to Orange County. Heather wondered why Vicki didn’t drive, considering Brianna was in so much pain. Good point, Fancy Pants. Next week, it looks like Brianna is in real trouble. She can’t breathe, calls Vicki home from work, and is taken to the hospital by ambulance.

As for newbie Kelly Dodd, she’s gotten an earful about Vicki. Are the other ladies not allowing her to form her own opinion? Heather said:

“Speaking for myself, I appreciated the fact that…she saw a lot of herself in Vicki. That was very telling to me. And I think Kelly is absolutely a big girl and can make her own decision. The only thing I thought was a little odd was that she completely disregarded Meghan’s feelings.”

What does Heather think of Kelly connecting so easily with Vicki?

“…they both went with the wrong man. Strangely, I guess Kelly’s back with that man, so I don’t know what that says.”

Heather had some very blunt things to say about Teresa Giudice. One caller wondered why Heather keeps bashing the housebound Housewife.

“Oh, gosh! I don’t. But listen, when you’re asked a question, you answer them. Here in New York, doing press for the Real Housewives of Orange County and our book that’s coming out…what I said was that I think Teresa—I don’t know Teresa—but I think that she seems really nice, and I think she really seems like a great mother, but what I’ve seen of the coverage is that she came back from prison talking a lot about yoga and her diet, and I think a lot of people would like to hear about accountability and remorse. I think that in the scheme of things that was pretty benign.”

How are Shannon and David Beador doing? Is all this togetherness for the camera or is it real?

“They are great. They’re a terrific couple. They’re very close friends of ours, and you know what, here’s the truth: when you’re on a show like this, nothing gets hidden for long. If it wasn’t good, you would know.”

Heather and Rob played a rousing game of Shotski ball. Heather won and Rob should have taken nine shots of champagne, but he sucked down three in quick succession.

Vicki tweeted in at the end of the show stating Brianna would get car sick if she sat in the passenger seat, and they took turns driving. So, that’s cleared up.

What did you think—is Heather going overboard with the house? And was Vicki’s apology to Tamra Judge sincere?


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