RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Love Is In The Air As Showmances Blossom! (Nominations, BB Roadkill Comp) [Episode 9]

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Victor was “evictored” and a Spy Girl has risen to power. How will the power shift, and is the 8-Pack turning on one of it’s own?

Bridgette is excited to be HOH. The Category Four team is safe. She’s nervous because her strategy is friendship. She’s afraid to piss people off.

Paul is the last disciple standing. He’s schmoozed the other houseguests, and gained some trust. He’s planning on laying low and he’s praying there are bigger fish to fry.

Frank’s safe for the week, and his mortal enemy Tiffany is fair game. He’s going to steer Bridgette towards the mini poker player, but he’s also trying to keep the other members of his alliance safe.

Da’vonne’s plan to get rid of Frank has failed for the week. She’s not happy about dealing with Frank’s “craftiness” for another week.

Da’vonne calls it like it is. You go girl! She says Bridgette should just hand her HOH key to Frank because he’s going to make the decisions for her.

Is there an agenda afoot? Frank and Paulie congratulate Bridgette on her win but it’s really to soften her up. They’re wondering what she’s thinking. Bridgette has no clue what she’s going to do. Frank sees a golden opportunity for his game.

Zakiyah’s in tears either because she sucked at the HOH comp or because she’s afraid Bridgette will put her on the block. Da’vonne comforts her, and promises they’ll figure it all out.

The Spy Girls are excited one of their own is in power. Natalie even does a little victory dance. Bridgette asks for James advice. He says she wants to get minimum blood on her hands. He says people will try to pressure her. He says it’s her HOH, so she needs to make decisions for her game.

Da’vonne’s alliances are crumbling. She realizes she has to play nice with Frank and Bridgette. She goes into the Have-Not room to pump herself up for the task.

Frank comes into the HN room for a little reassurance. He says he’s going to steer Bridgette in Tiffany’s direction. Frank’s choices for nominations: Bronte, Paul & Tiffany.

Tiffany, Corey & Nicole are sweating it out in the bathroom. Tiffany is 90% sure she’s going on the block and asks Common Corey for advice. Common Corey’s advice, “I don’t know. I mean..” I think he got hit in the head with too many baseballs. Anyway. Tiffany’s main goal is to convince Bridgette she’s not targeting Frank. Bridgette being HOH is Tiffany’s worst case scenario.

Time for Frank to put his plan into action. He asks Bridgette about possible nominees. She still has no idea. She’s thinking about Nicole/Corey or Tiffany/Corey. Frank tries to steer Bridgette away from her alliance. He “suggests” Tiffany. He tries to convince Bridgette she won’t piss anyone off if she puts up Tiffany/Paul. She’s convinced Corey/Nicole are some kind of power couple? What? She’s trying to figure out what’s best for Frank’s…I mean her game.

Get ready to barf! A showmance segment. It starts out with cuddle talk and turns into Nicole drooling all over Corey. She thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. She doesn’t want to get into another showmance, but she can’t help how good looking Common Corey is.

Who wants to see Bridgette’s HOH room? *Crickets* Family pictures, pictures of her cat. Let’s be real. Bridgette’s only HOH by name. Frank’s making all the decisions.  

Frank thinks he’s a jokester, but it rubs the other houseguests the wrong way. It makes him look like a total douche, and offends the girls. He thinks insulting the girls is “joking.”

He calls Da’vonne a slut. She has to resist slapping the crap out of him. Then he starts slapping her butt. That’s the last straw. Da’vonne gets very upset. It turns very dramatic. The other members of her alliance try to keep her calm. Da’vonne’s trying to keep her emotions in check. She’s not sure she can keep it together. She starts crying. I don’t blame her. Frank crossed a big line.

Frank realizes his douchey ways aren’t winning him any fans and he tries apologizing. Da’vonne isn’t ready to hear it. She runs into the DR to vent and cry.

Da’vonne effectively turns the house against Frank. They start planning his demise.

Next Big Brother day, James asks Frank what happened. Frank’s apologetic. He plans on sitting down with Da’vonne. Apparently slapping people on the butt happens a lot in Frank’s household. He even slaps his nana’s butt. So not normal.

Frank sits down with Da’vonne in the Safari Room to apologize. He tries to explain why he slapped her on the butt. He promises he won’t cross that line with her anymore if it makes her uncomfortable. Da’vonne acts like she’s receptive to his apology because he’s basically HOH this week. She’s still planning to go after him ASAP!

Nomination Ceremony! Frank was sweet letting Bridgette do the nominations. Bridgette nominated Paul and Tiffany. No surprise there.

The reactions were predictable. All Paul could talk about was how good looking he is. In third person. Then the beardmister got all upset because he thought he built trust with Bridgette. He thinks he’s going to be a professional pawn like Johnny Mac was last season. Frank’s happy Bridgette went along with his plan. Now Tiffany’s on the block. Tiffany’s not surprised. Da’vonne’s relieved their little tiff didn’t make her Frank’s new target.

Bridgette asks Bronte how Tiffany took her nomination. Bronte says Tiffany thought her nomination was Frank’s idea. Bronte thinks any backlash will fall onto Frank’s shoulders not Bridgette’s. Bridgette is worried the house will think she doesn’t have a backbone. Sure you do Bridgette. It’s just made of hot Cheetos.

Zakiyah checks in with a pouting Tiffany. She’s in bed drained I guess. Tiffany promises if she survives this week she’s taking Frank down. (With a vengeance)

Apparently the phones in the house work? Uh okay. Guess that’s something else for them to annoy the feeders with. This is a lead in to Natalie and James flirtmance.

Beep Beep! It’s BB Roadkill time!! This comp is all about honking horns. After a little beep test press the buzzer to begin. There’s a sequence of honking horns. The houseguests have to honk the horns in the right sequence. If they get the sequence wrong, the R.V. will come to a crashing stop. Then they have to start again from the beginning with the timer still rolling. The person who gets the sequence correct in the fastest time will win the BB Roadkill Competition.

Frank wins the BB Roadkill comp. Outside of his “alliance” no one knows he won. Not even Bridgette. Frank plans on nominating one of her Spy Girls, so it would effectively ruin their little alliance.

The BB Roadkill nominee is Bronte. Bridgette is mad. She threatens whomever the winner is. May he or she live in fear of her hot Cheetos and homemade cookies!

Who will win the POV? Find out on Wednesday!

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