Heather & Terry Dubrow Take Tropical Vacation After Revealing Family Bombshell

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Heather and Terry Dubrow have hit the vacation do-over button. After the family trip Turks & Caicos was shown on The Real Housewives of Orange County it seems as if someone is feeling guilty about not feeling guilty when he should have felt some guilt.

During a recent episode on RHOC, Terry made the embarrassing admission,

“I’m not seeing my kids very much. But honestly, I don’t feel very guilty about it.”

So off to Hawaii they go and cameras were there to snap photos of Heather and Terry and their kids Max, Collette, Katarina, and Nicky for some more forced family time. Heather donned a teeny-tiny bikini for the occasion. In Heather’s Bravo blog she wrote,

“I was sad to hear Terry say he doesn’t feel guilty about spending more time with the kids,” Adding that, she loves that “he’s having the time of his life and he’s fulfilled professionally and creatively — but I’m worried that he will realize down the road how much he’s missed with them and have regrets.”

Do you think Terry will regret working so much?


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