Andy Cohen Sheds Tears of Joy While Teresa Giudice Takes Zero Accountability For Her Crimes! #RHONJ

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Andy Cohen_Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Andy Cohen was a sobbing mess, as conquering felon, Teresa Giudice, marched back onto The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Fans had a front row seat as Teresa dramatically reunited with her family, after almost a year behind bars. Teresa spent a year in lockup for swindling innocents — and now reclaims her center spot in the Bravo spotlight. Andy gushed all over social media, about the emotionally joyous occasion — retweeting tears from fans, as well as his own.

The scene with Teresa and her girls was indeed touching — but many will agree, that the emotional truth stems from a mother choosing phony material wealth over a year with her children. Teresa’s girls are a year older — and she missed it. Showy possessions and a fake lifestyle were put before the most precious of gifts. Did the cameras miss Teresa telling her daughters, “Mommy’s sorry?” Sad for sure — but spare us your tears Andy. 

Viewers expected a rosy painted portrait of the sprung mommy — and Bravo isn’t messing around. Teresa hadn’t been home an hour, before the net of culpability was dropped — and only Joe Giudice was caught.

“I was very naive,” Teresa said. “I won’t be naive anymore, I learned my lesson. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

Teresa also referred to “being taken” from her daughters — as if she had been powerless to prevent their year without a mother. 

Joe/Mr. Mom Giudice began his prison stint last March. Through a Bravo lens, he was set up to take the whole fall — rotting in a couple’s cell of accountability from the start. Viewers who have been wondering if prison changed Teresa, had their question officially answered last night.

Did a year spent trapped with her thoughts, humble the reality star into accepting responsibility for her crimes? Bravo says nope — and Teresa agrees. 


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