Watch Felon Giudice Return Home From Prison & Jacqueline Dish About A Note From Imprisoned Teresa #RHONJ

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Teresa and Jacqueline_RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns tonight, after a criminal hiatus sidetracked the franchise for over a year.

Melissa Gorga is renovating a space soon to be her boutique, “Envy,” we meet two new cast additions, Dolores and Siggy, and Jacqueline Laurita hosts a cocktail party where she shares about a surprising note, from a familiar frenemy. After a year in prison, Teresa Giudice returns to her family, just in time for Christmas.

Gia excitedly rouses her sisters in the first preview clip, as the paparazzi stands by, and Teresa nears the home — returning after a year-long prison stint. Cameras flash as Teresa approaches the house, and the Giudice home is alive with excitement. “Oh my God — Mom’s going to get here, and you’re still going to have your fat ass on your bed,” Gia fires at 9-year-old Milania.

Milania shrieks at photographers outside, and her family inside, revealing not much has changed with the most boisterous Giudice child. Teresa and her lawyer pull into the garage, and enter the home, as the clip fades.

Jacqueline and cast rookies, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania gather in a discreet bar, to talk life and plastic surgery. Siggy debuts her new facelift, as viewers meet the newbie for the first time. 

“Siggy came into my life a couple of years ago,” Jacqueline explains. “It was at a very difficult time, and she really helped me—she uplifts me. Everybody needs a little Siggy.” The veteran adds, “Siggy’s not even 1/16 Italian — She’s Jewish and she was born in Israel, in a bomb shelter.”

Jacqueline dishes to Melissa about a note sent from an imprisoned Teresa, and what the communication could mean for their rocky friendship.

“It confused the sh*t out of me,” Jacqueline remarks, as Melissa pumps her for details. “She slammed it in my face basically — with my finger stuck in there,” referring to her tumultuous relationship with the returning felon.

“What now is so different that I’m supposed to believe now it’s sincere?” Jaqueline wonders, adding, “when I see her, I know how I’ll feel.”

Melissa shares her hope that a family Christmas can be shared harmoniously, for Joe and Teresa’s parents’ sake.

Tune in tonight for the felon’s triumphant return to reality TV at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo.


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